Leverage your Employee Advocacy Program with Gamification

January 7th, 2021 by Yvonne Harris

Creating an employee advocacy program benefits all areas of an organization. Using employee’s voices and influence is an under-utilized way to increase brand reach and improve engagement.


The Rise of Social Media – An effective and fast communication channel

An ever-increasing number of employees are present on social networks and bringing their expertise into the professional sphere. Social media is now used for professional purposes to research, share, and engage with others around corporate communication topics.

 “98% of employees use at least one social media site for personal use, of which 50% are already posting about their company”

Social media is a quick and easy way to promote personal posts and contribute to building a company reputation. It has become the place to be heard and engage with personal networks, partners, and customers more quickly and efficiently.

Building and leveraging company branding, values, and reputation doesn’t only depend on advertisements and the sales departments anymore. External corporate communication is digital-first and achieved through social media and the company workforce.

Turning Everyone into Brand Ambassadors

Social media is now the place where employees can contribute to their organization’s development and create more business impact. They help to deliver key messages, engage in discussions, and relay content and events, increasing company reach.

“Reach on posts made by employees went 561% further than the same post shared by a company on its own channel”

Employees are a company’s most valuable resource and their best advocates. Creating an employee advocacy program and turning them into social heroes is an indirect and free way to better connect and engage. Giving a voice to all employees is a real marketing opportunity to reach a larger audience faster, more efficiently, and without any additional cost.

“Leads developed through employee social marketing convert 7x more frequently than other leads.”

With the hybrid workplace becoming the new normal, digital communication has become even more important to drive traffic and deliver marketing and sales impact. This emphasizes the need to introduce employee advocacy programs as they can help in driving growth. Employee advocacy is an “Advertising Value Equivalent” that contributes to making a company an influencer on social media.

Employee Advocacy InfographicDownload our Employee Advocacy Infographic

Employee Advocacy inspires Employee Engagement

Employee advocacy is more than just a marketing goal.

Aside from leveraging social networks for business impact, an employee advocacy program can have a positive impact on employee engagement. This means going above and beyond the every day responsibilities to take the company to new heights.

Employee advocacy is also about bringing employees together to create more unity, cohesion, and allow everyone to contribute to the company’s development.

Employees feel engaged by having the opportunity to be customer-facing and relay engaging information. Giving them a voice to express themselves allows the development of a real sense of belonging.

“Employees of socially engaged companies are more likely to stay at their company, feel optimistic about their company’s future, and believe their company is more competitive.”

Gathering employees around common goals can be done At Powell Software, we allow organizations to better connect and engage employees. Through Powell Templates, we help companies to establish such a culture.

Create your Employee Advocacy Program

Establishing such a culture requires the building of strong and efficient relationships between the marketing and communication team and the organization’s other departments. An efficient employee advocacy program requires quick access to information, an easy search system, and smart sharing features.

Therefore, technologies in the Digital Workplace are a key success factor and play a key role in establishing employee advocacy programs.

Providing an inclusive and engaging interface is also essential to make sure everyone can take action and is part of social success. The gamification approach can help companies reach this goal by creating a positive and fun experience that pushes everyone to fulfill goals and earn achievements. 

Discover Powell Software’s Employee Advocacy Template

At Powell Software, we transform businesses by allowing them to connect more intelligently and efficiently with employees. Powell 365, made up of Powell Intranet and Powell Teams, helps businesses to get work done more intelligently through dedicated templates.

Empower your organization with a dedicated and ready-to-run template for your employee advocacy program.


Employee Advocacy Mobile and Desktop

Our employee advocacy template keeps your employees better informed, aligned, and engaged in the hybrid workplace with easy and simple content access, shareability, and interactions, no matter where they are located.

It helps you to drive effective communication and content awareness through a centralized and gamified hub to leverage employee advocacy and boost employee engagement.



Understanding our Employee Advocacy Template Value Proposition in 4 points

Inform – the template works as a curation tool. It is a social media aggregator that centralizes content from both internal and external communications.

Get fast access to relevant content with preselected information and stay up-to-date as key content is shortlisted to save you time.

Engage – the smart sharing features associated with gamification, and a bridge between the intranet and Teams makes employee advocacy more efficient and collaborative to help achieve marketing and sales goals.

Turn employees into your company’s best advocates by giving them the opportunity to become true ambassadors and influencers.

Connect – allow each employee to suggest any type of content (word, article, link…) and be part of the experience. Exchange around content in a dedicated team template for your whole company.

Gamify – turn employee advocacy into a fun experience through gamification using achievements challenges to fulfill.

Our Intranet Employee advocacy template

Employee Advocacy Guide

Company Intranet leaderboard to leverage Employee advocacy through gamification

Employee Advocacy Achievements

 Company team template for employee advocacy

Employee Advocacy in Teams


Create a dedicated team with predefined tabs and channels to find content suggestions and have discussions about them.

Praise your social sharing leaders for their actions and push others to be part of the story with achievements challenges.

Social Sharing Leaders Teams

See the employee advocacy templates in action, through this demo with our team.

Employee Advocacy Templates Video 


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