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We are convinced that the future of the Digital Workplace is in the alliance of communication and collaboration for a more engaging and inclusive employee experience.


Powell intranet Powell Intranet
A SaaS solution to create a modern and social intranet to inform and engage all employees


For Comms & HR

Targeted & multilingual content​
Employee engagement​
Gamification & social features​
Access for frontline workers​


For IT Departments

Personalization, deployment and updates at scale made easy​
Fully integrated with Microsoft 365
Improve with Viva Connections​
SharePoint sites Governance
Natively secured and compliant – 100% data stored in customer tenant​


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Powell Teams
A SaaS solution to regain control on Microsoft Teams and improve user experience ​


For IT Departments

Ready-to-set governance​
Secured IT best practices​
Life cycle management automation​
Teams creation approval


For Employees

Teams templates gallery​
Preconfigured micro apps ​
Improved search and navigation
Virtual Coffee Machine
Flex Desk booking



Recognized by leading analysts

We have set the highest standards for improving the employee experience, and for giving organizations the most adapted communication and collaboration solutions.

Clearbox report chart 2023

Powell Software is a Top 3 Value-for-Money Intranet Choice in the Clearbox 2023 © Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms Report

With top performances in the following 4 scenarios:

  • Microsoft 365 Integration 4+/5
  • Information finding & Knowledge management 4/5
  • Admin experience & governance 3.5+/5
  • User experience & visual appeal 3.5+/5


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Work in confidence

At Powell Software our solutions:

Are natively secure & compliant, 100% of data remains in your Microsoft 365  tenant.

Promote responsible use by fighting information overload, and reducing data storage and processing

Our Customers

Over 400 companies worldwide trust us

Powell Software helps over 1.5 million users around the world to be productive and engaged from anywhere.

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Discover our customers case studies

Opaa! food Management success story

Enabling communication with Microsoft 365

When Opaa! realized their on-premises, email reliant workflows were not scaling with company growth they decided to leverage the power of Microsoft 365 cloud technologies.


Powell Software Quest Diagnostics Case Study

Creating a centralized online space for 46,000 employees

When Quest Diagnostics decided to implement a digital workplace, they wanted a complete solution and a centralized space to connect their 46,000 employees. So Quest Diagnostics chose to implement Powell Intranet.


BlueGrace Powell Software Case Study

Uniting employees with a digital workplace

When BlueGrace started its digital workplace transformation, its needs were simple: find a tool that empowered employees to share, coordinate, and collaborate within a centralized location. Discover how BlueGrace achieved this with Powell Intranet.


Clients Powell Software US


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