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Connect and engage employees with Powell Intranet, the award-winning, flexible, and inclusive employee communications solution.

Powell Intranet platform

For Employees

Powell Intranet is accessible on their desktop, browser, or mobile intranet app. An intuitive interface makes it easy to contribute, and find information.

For IT

A ready to deploy intranet-in-a-box, fully customizable, and scalable – IT teams love Powell Intranet. Built on Microsoft 365 your information is secure.



For HR & Comms

Your intranet offers communication as it should be: attractive, simple, and engaging. Inform employees, align everyone around common goals and strong company culture.


Don’t just take our word for it, Powell Intranet is recognized by Gartner, Lecko, Clearbox Consulting, Info-Tech, and the World Economic Forum.


Inclusive workplace

100% of employees included


Social intranet

+87% more social interactions


Intranet Adoption

80% adoption by end-users


Site collection

<85% time to deploy a site collection


Transform Internal Communications

Engage employees in your corporate communications with an interactive staff intranet.

For Employees

attractive powell intranet solution Attractive

Deliver impactful communication with engaging content and a great user experience. 

simple powell intranet  Simple

Provide easy access to corporate information, resources, and applications to drive productivity.

together  Inclusive

Give everyone access to a mobile intranet app, and build a more inclusive company culture.

engaging  Engaging

Boost employee engagement with features like gamified social sharing, ideation, and an intuitive user experience.

Digital Workplace for Comms

For IT 

platform easy to use Ready-to-use

Create stunning intranet sites without code from a rich catalog of premade templates.

customizable platform Customizable, scalable & open

Our core engine makes it easy to customize, deploy and update at scale with your evolving needs, even for multi-lingual organizations. Connect your 3rd party apps (ServiceNow, Workday, SAP…).

microsoft Built on Microsoft 365

IT managers can rely on Microsoft security, modern experience, and updates. Natively connect Microsoft 365 services with no costly custom developments.

Powell Intranet for IT

For Everyone

browser In your browser

Your corporate information and resources are accessible anywhere, at any time from the browser of your choice.

Microsoft teams From Microsoft Teams

Connect your intranet and Microsoft Teams, with Viva Connections for a streamlined experience.

everywhere On the go & on the field

Offer instant access to intranet features from your pocket, whether you are on the go, working remotely, or on the field, with a mobile application.

Powell Apps

Discover what you can do with Powell Intranet

More than just a company intranet, we create the best employee experience with engaging features and templates

Social Sharing with Employee Advocacy Templates

Turn employees into brand ambassadors with a social sharing template for the intranet. You can easily create an accessible space in your company intranet designed to engage employees as brand advocates.

When employees share content organically with their social networks, marketing creates internal influencers, sales see more qualified leads, and HR reap the benefits highly engaged employees bring.

EMPLoyee Advocacy

What you can do:

  • Marketing curate and suggest content to share
  • Employees gain points and badges for every social post
  • Anyone can suggest links and ideas for future content

Hot Desking with Flex Desk

Linda will be able to provide a dedicated employee onboarding section in the HR intranet space. New employees will find here everything regarding corporate information and resources. It will be personalized depending on their role.

To do this, Linda just picks the onboarding templates available in Powell Teams and gets her Teams created in less than 3 minutes. She now can follow all onboarded employees easily.


What you can do:

  • Employees pick a desk, a date, a time, and reserve – it’s that easy
  • HR and colleagues can see who is in the office and plan their own schedule

Remote Employee Onboarding

Onboarding new hires who have never stepped foot in the office is a challenge for HR managers, but one which can be overcome with Powell Software templates for your intranet and Teams.

Intranet templates allow admins to easily create a dedicated HR space that regroups all the information employees need in their first few days. When your company is scaling quickly, onboarding new hires fast is critical.

Onboarding Templates

What you can do:

  • Create a dedicated onboarding space in the intranet with all the information newcomers need
  • Create a private Microsoft Team linked to the intranet
  • Connect HR, the newcomer, their manager, and buddy in a Team
  • Provide new hires with everything they need to get started

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