Powell Intranet is a Top 3 Value Choice in the ClearBox Intranet Report 2024!

by Yvonne Harris

ClearBox Consulting has again featured Powell Intranet in its review of the best intranet and employee experience platform providers 2024. The annual independent report compares the best intranet platform providers, and Powell Software is delighted to be one of them.

ClearBox Consulting is an independent consultancy specializing in intranets and the digital workplace. Based in the UK with a global presence, ClearBox publishes unbiased reviews of the best intranet vendors. Their in-depth guides provide the information you need to choose the right intranet provider for your digital workplace project.

ClearBox Reports have traditionally focused on the best SharePoint intranet solutions. That’s why Powell Intranet was awarded SharePoint Intranet Solution Choice for Europe and North America in 2020. To match the changing workplace and business needs, the 2022 version expanded to include everything from ‘intranet-in-a-box’ to complete employee experience platforms and digital workplace apps. We are delighted to be again featured as one of the top intranet software providers for 2024.


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ClearBox spotlights Powell Intranet as one of the top 3 intranet choices in terms of value for money. Our intranet solution scored highly and stood out as a great choice for organizations seeking a cost-effective, feature-packed intranet. And the best news? ClearBox has made the 800+ page report free for you to download!
ClearBox Intranet Report Quadrant

20 of the best intranet platforms rigorously reviewed

ClearBox Intranet Report QuadrantThis year, 20 intranet providers feature in the report, including Powell Intranet. Vendors are included after ClearBox Consulting makes a shortlist of the best intranet platforms. Each vendor is subject to an objective review process, from product demonstrations to customer feedback.

In the extensive report, you’ll find:

  • In-depth reviews of each intranet solution
  • An at-a-glance summary of Powell Intranet
  • A breakdown of Powell Intranet technical features
  • Powell Intranets’ key benefits
  • Reviews of 10 key scenarios, including UX, internal communications, and governance.

Why did Powell Intranet stand out?

Powell Intranet stood out to the intranet experts at ClearBox Consulting as ‘’a flexible basis for a Microsoft 365-based digital workplace.’’

They recognized our powerful solution as going beyond the transitional SharePoint intranet to offer extra features. ‘’The intranet is built on top of SharePoint but it supports substantially broader opportunities, including employee advocacy, ideation, gamification, and frontline worker engagement.’’

Interested in discovering the full review? Download the report for free.

An intranet buyers’ guide

The Intranet and Employee Experience Platform report is essential for anyone embarking on a digital workplace project in 2024. It’s a complete buyer’s guide comparing top intranet platforms.

IT: Get a detailed breakdown of Powell Intranet from the technical aspects, set-up & support, admin & governance, analytics, and integrations

Internal Communications: Understand how you can easily reach employees in the intranet with guided templates for simplified publishing, notifications, and alerts

HR: See how Powell Intranet’s new features, like the ideation hub, employee advocacy, and water fountain, help engage employees in the digital workplace. ‘’We think all these features will be of interest to organizations wanting to drive employee experience and networking across teams working remotely’’ – ClearBox Consulting

Get a Free Copy of the ClearBox Report

This year, the report is FREE to download. So you can see everything ClearBox says about Powell Intranet and how we compare to other digital workplace providers.

EN - Report : ClearBox Intranet and Employee Experience 2023

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