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Carrefour-VoyagesBusiness support and powerful communications

Carrefour Voyages wanted a modern intranet to connect field workers and act as a useful source of information. Download the case study and discover how Carrefour Voyages leveraged Powell Intranet to create a user-friendly intranet offering fast and easy access to information when needed.

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Success Stories Théa Pharma

Collaboration success with Powell Teams

When Théa made the switch from Skype to Microsoft Teams they wanted to make the transition as smooth as possible. They also wanted to get the most from their investment and improve the Teams experience for both IT and end-users. So Théa chose to implement Powell Teams.


Anon Case Study

An intuitive & collaborative digital workplace

Building a collaborative digital workplace that’s accessible from any device requires the right provider. When a health company came to Powell Software to update their intranet, they found just that. With over 12,000 employees, not all working at a desktop, they needed a modern solution to respond to employee needs.

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”Through this project, we’ve removed redundant tools, enforced and adjusted a global company perspective, and quickly implemented more modern, more digital, and truly global tools for communicating and sharing information”

Dr. Charlton Payne, Channel Manager for Internal Comms, Corporate Brand & Communications, ZEISS Group

AFM Case Study

Connecting everyone with Powell Intranet & Powell Teams

AFM Téléthon needed an easy-to-use intranet connecting their few hundred employees and volunteers, so they came to Powell Software. Impressed with the results, and following a jump in Microsoft Teams use, AFM wanted to leverage this communication tool with Powell Teams.


Zeiss Case Study

Creating a personalized & user-friendly digital workplace

ZEISS Group chose to work with the experts at Powell Software to create a modern company intranet portal based on SharePoint and Microsoft 365. As a Microsoft Gold Partner we stood out for our deep knowledge of digital workplaces, added value with Microsoft 365 connection, and competitive pricing.


Silva Case Study

Advice for launching a digital transformation project

Silva Homes realized that their existing in-house built intranet that was not meeting user needs. They turned to Powell Software and trusted SORCE to recreate their intranet solution into a platform that empowers their employees. They selected Powell Intranet as the native Microsoft 365 intranet to streamline Microsoft integration and boost internal communications.


Powell Software Quest Diagnostics Case Study

Creating a centralized online space for 46,000 employees

Quest Diagnostics is the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services, with multiple offices in the United States and more internationally. When Quest Diagnostics decided to implement a digital workplace, they wanted a complete solution and a centralized space to connect their 46,000 employees. So Quest Diagnostics chose to implement Powell Intranet.

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“Powell Teams enables the securing of workplace best practices and compliance”



Axel Bouchet, Group Digital Workplace Manager

Merging information and communication in one SharePoint Intranet

Endress + Hauser is a global leader in measurement and automation technology, headquartered in Switzerland, with 14,000 staff. When Endress + Hauser decided to implement new communications methods using Microsoft 365, they wanted a solution that would connect them and create an all-in-one platform. So Endress + Hauser chose to implement a SharePoint intranet and came to Powell Software.

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Opaa! food Management success story

Retaining customers and enabling communication with Microsoft 365

Opaa! Food Management specializes in serving the nutritional needs of 250,000 K-12 school-children in the Midwest, USA. Founded in 1978, Opaa remains a family-owned business that has expanded to employ over 3,500 staff. When Opaa! realized their on-premises, email reliant workflows were not scaling with company growth they decided to leverage the power of Microsoft 365 cloud technologies.

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Providing 38,000 employees with an Office 365 intranet portal

Webhelp is an international leader in Customer Experience and Business Process Outsourcing. The group has over 38,000 employees in nearly 30 countries and more than 100 sites. When Webhelp chose to introduce the Office 365 suite they wanted a solution that would unify all the tools available.

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HJ Sims Success Story

Transforming company culture and internal communications

HJ Sims is a wealth management, investment banking & institutional services firm. When HJ Sims wanted to replace their legacy on-premises intranet solution, they were looking for a branded intranet that would improve internal communication. So with the help of partner Synergy, they discovered Powell Intranet.

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We wanted to make sure we were providing relevant content in a place where employees could access and use the tools that they needed”



Axel Bouchet, Group Digital Workplace Manager

Improving employee onboarding and training

When Crossfirst Bank wanted to replace and upgrade their old intranet portal, they wanted a modern solution that would improve employee training and onboarding. So Crossfirst came to RSM and Powell Software to start their digital workspace transformation project.

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