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Intranet IT: Deploy, scale, and secure your digital workplace

Leverage your Microsoft 365 investment and create a better SharePoint intranet that IT, Communications & employees will all love


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How can Powell Software help IT?

Combining seamless business communication with exceptional user experience and robust employee engagement, our secure digital workplace platform is the ultimate solution. Streamline IT management and elevate user experiences within a secure digital environment, empowering your organization to flourish in the ever-evolving realm of hybrid work!

Powell Intranet empowers you to craft a secure, personalized, and user-loved intranet 100% on SharePoint.

Scalable & Secure Intranet 100% on SharePoint

Respond to your organization’s rapidly changing needs with a corporate intranet portal that can be deployed and updated in just a few clicks.

Benefit from modern, customizable, out-of-the-box templates.

 Scale your intranet to expand with your organization.

 Built on Microsoft 365, our digital workplace is secure by nature. Data is stored in your Microsoft 365 tenant, meaning we don’t manage your personal user information.

Provide people with access to information anytime, anywhere on desktops, laptops, or through a mobile intranet app.


Connected Employees & Tools in the Digital Workplace

Connect employees and the tools they use daily by bringing the company intranet inside Microsoft Teams and vice versa.

With Powell Software, users benefit from a connected and social communication and collaboration platform that helps improve adoption.

Empower the employee experience with a gallery of pre-defined templates to enhance collaboration.

Streamline repetitive activities like employee onboarding and sales RFPs further with Powell Governance API for automatic Teams creation.


How Can Powell Intranet Help Your IT Team?

Powell Intranet helps your IT department build better SharePoint intranet sites employees want to use. Combine it with Powell Governance, our Microsoft 365 governance solution, to have a complete, secure, and managed digital workplace that leverages your Microsoft 365 investment! To get started, contact our sales team to discuss your organization’s needs.


Customer Testimonials

See why 1.5+ million employees worldwide in 500+ companies love Powell Intranet. Discover all client stories here.

”The Powell Software solution makes publishing, sharing, and consuming information easy and attractive for both content editors and employees”

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Charlton Payne
Channel Manager and Internal Communication

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Intranet Resources for IT

Are you interested in keeping up to date on the digital workplace? Powell Software has you covered with key downloadable resources and training like white papers, case studies, and our blog. 

A guide to finding your company portal!

So you’ve been tasked with implementing an intranet for your organization. Now what? With the right steps and a trustworthy partner, your new intranet is just on the horizon. 

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