Creating the best employee experience isn’t a solo adventure. We’ve put together free downloadable guides, eBooks, and white papers to help.

Employee engagement playbook for HR

The Employee Engagement Playbook [For HR Managers]

Become a future-ready HR Manager with employee engagement strategies to improve employee satisfaction for hybrid and remote workers. Learn how to create a committed workforce.


The Ultimate Guide to Digital Transformation for SMEs

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Transformation [For Small but Mighty Enterprises]

Prepare your SME for hybrid working and keep pace with digital transformation. In this guide, you’ll learn how SME flexibility can be the ultimate competitive advantage.


The Powell Intranet Guidebook

A Powell Intranet Guidebook: For Corporate Communication & Employee Engagement Success

Discover how the best intranet platform for your business can help you achieve internal communication success while boosting employee engagement. Download the guide to Powell Intranet.


A Guide to Digital Tools for Deskless Workers

How to Support and Empower Frontline Workers

Every frontline or deskless worker is different but one thing they have in common is the need to be digitally empowered and informed. Discover how to achieve a more inclusive workplace.


Teamwork & Collaboration Whitepaper

Teamwork and Collaboration: The Winning Formula

Learn how to build a company culture that fosters teamwork and collaboration, for organizational success. Understand the benefits of and barriers to effectively working together in this guidebook.


Remote Work Success Whitepaper

The Complete Guide to Preparing for Remote Work Success

The pandemic was a catalyst for remote work, and many organizations are now making the switch to remote full time. We’ve put together this guide to help you make the move to remote work a success.

Company Intranet Whitepaper

Finding the Right Path to Your New Company Intranet

So you’ve been tasked with implementing a company intranet. Now what? With the right steps, your platform is just on the horizon. Check out our guide on setting up a successful company intranet.

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Microsoft 365 Extranet

The End of the Extranet & the Rise of the External User

Microsoft has changed the way organizations share and manage collaboration, both internally and externally. Powell Software explores the different steps to adding external user options as a part of the digital workplace.

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Technical Review of Powell Intranet

A Technical Review of Powell Intranet for IT Admins

In this white paper, we discuss Powell Intranet’s back-end governance and implementation engine. We help IT and SharePoint Admins design and manage digital workplace projects in a fast and cost-effective way.

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