Enhance employee services

Streamlined HR and IT support

Lacking integrated HR and IT support can lead to employee distress and hold-ups, diminishing both job satisfaction and workflow productivity.

Powell Intranet integrates these vital services, making support quick and painless, which means happier, more productive employees.


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Streamline onboarding

Welcome new team members with a comprehensive onboarding page, filled with key resources and information to jumpstart their journey at your company.

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job offers

HR module for position announcements

Simplify how internal job postings are shared and applications are submitted, making career advancement opportunities within reach for all employees.

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Employee directory with advanced search:

Connect with colleagues effortlessly using a detailed and searchable employee directory.

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employee directory
document search

HR-related document access

Find important HR documents with ease, providing staff with the essential information they need.

HR-managed bot for instant answers

Get quick answers to HR questions with an intelligent bot that understands your company policies and procedures.

HR bot
service now

Integration with IT & HR ticketing systems

Get quick answers to HR questions with an intelligent bot that understands your company policies and procedures.

Training and development resources

Support ongoing professional growth with a dedicated library of training materials and courses.

employee birthday

Employee birthday module

Celebrate each employee’s special day, nurturing a workplace that feels like a community.

It was a great opportunity to implement a digital workplace that is easily usable anywhere, anytime and that employees can really engage with as a single source of truth”

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With 500+ global clients and 2M active users, Powell Software is recognized by leading analysts as a top choice for Digital Workplace solutions

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