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Powell Software Partners with to Advance Employee Engagement

January 22nd, 2024

Discover in this article how Powell Software’s innovative partnership with is transforming employee engagement and communication in the digital workspace. ...


What is an internal communication tool, and what is its purpose?

November 17th, 2023

Effective communication among employees is pivotal to organizational success. Internal communication tools serve as the backbone of connectivity within a company, facilitating seamless interactions, collaboration, and information dissemination among team members. These tools play a fundamental role ...


How to Foster a Knowledge-Sharing Culture

August 30th, 2023

Your workplace comprises a mix of intelligent people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Each is an expert in their area, with plenty of knowledge to share. They also have a lot to learn. But in organizations big and small, we all fall into the trap of ‘silos’. We work away on our...


What Can We Learn from Gen Zs Approach to Work?

August 10th, 2023

Gen Z is revolutionizing the world of work, and it’s no surprise. The fastest growing generation in the workforce, Gen Z, experienced their most formative work years during a pandemic.   ...


What is an employee experience platform (EXP)?

January 1st, 2023

An ‘‘employee experience platform’’ (EXP) might sound like another trendy buzzword but it’s so much more than that. ...


What is CSR in Business & Why Does it Matter to Employees?

December 15th, 2022

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR can be understood as the degree of responsibility a corporation has for the consequences of their actions economically, socially, and environmentally. CSR matters to employees as it empowers them to leverage corporate resources to do good for the world. For emp...


How Does SharePoint Improve Productivity?

August 24th, 2022

Have you thought about investing in a SharePoint intranet for your organization, but you aren’t quite sure how the tool can help increase productivity? Or have you been using SharePoint for some time but are wondering how you can get more out of the tool? ...


What Is Viva Engage, And Is It A Complete Engagement Solution? 

August 1st, 2022

Many organizations today struggle to build a culture of communication and engagement, but all of that is about to change as Microsoft unveils a new feature, “Viva Engage.” With this feature, which is essentially a social network, employees in an organization can connect with leadership, ...


How to Measure Engagement in Powell Intranet

July 22nd, 2022

Measuring engagement on your intranet is a good indicator of corporate culture and who participates in company life. Yet, measuring this isn’t always easy. That’s why Powell Intranet created engagement reports. ...


Can an Intranet help with Employee Retention in the Great Resignation?

April 19th, 2022

The words ‘Great Resignation’ strike fear in many organizations. Yet, companies with a good employee retention strategy are attracting and retaining top talent. Here’s how to design a plan to retain employees with your intranet. ...


Show Your Employee Appreciation by Sharing Kudos in Powell Intranet

April 12th, 2022

Employee recognition involves acknowledging employees for their hard work, dedication, and invaluable contributions to a company’s life and culture. It’s essential to success. In fact, 90% of HR professionals think an effective recognition program drives business results.  ...



[On Demand] In Discussion with Henry Peyret, Co-Founder Wassati

January 5th, 2022

Tune into this on-demand short webinar as we talk to Wassati co-founder Henry Peyret about company values and ‘purpose-washing’. ...


[On Demand] How Has the Pandemic Changed Recruitment?

January 4th, 2022

Tune into this on-demand short webinar and learn from Powell Software’s own HR Manager, Marine Fournier, how recruitment has changed since the pandemic. ...



[On Demand] Should Boreout be Taken as Seriously as Burnout?

January 4th, 2022

Tune into this on-demand short webinar where we talk to one of the few experts on the phenomenon of ”boreout”, Lotta Harju. ...



[On Demand] Empowering Women and Creating a More Inclusive Workplace

January 4th, 2022

Tune into this on-demand short webinar and discover why empowering women will be the key to staff retention and attracting talent in the era of the great resignation. ...


Diversity in the Workplace Starts With Inclusive Culture

November 21st, 2021

It’s time to talk about diversity in the workplace. Recent world events have sparked conversations across industries as customers and employees alike demand a more inclusive culture. What company leaders are quickly realizing is that it’s not enough to simply put out a statement supporting diversity...


Episode 20: Should we all be working weekends?

November 10th, 2021

In this episode of Welcome to the New Normal, we ask if you would like to be able to work seven days a week? Is time off at weekends non-negotiable, or should all jobs be flexible enough to get some of your hours done at weekends? ...


Episode 19: The ‘Great Resignation’ goes global

November 3rd, 2021

In this episode of Welcome to the New Normal, we discuss how the number of people quitting their jobs has hit record numbers in the US. The so-called “Great Resignation”, or the “Big Quit”, is impacting all industries and it is going global. ...


How to Encourage Creativity & Manage Innovation in the Workplace?

September 23rd, 2021

Sometimes the best ideas are right in front of us, yet too often they go unnoticed. To truly manage innovation, we need a better system to find, foster, and turn ideas into action. ...


Episode 13: Fighting Burnout and Bore out at work

September 1st, 2021

In this episode of Welcome to the New Normal, we discuss burnout. ...


Webinar: Generate Ideas & Fuel Employee Inventiveness with the Ideation Hub!

August 30th, 2021

Employees are the most powerful source of knowledge for any organization and capitalizing on their collective intelligence can foster significant results, producing great ideas. ...


Episode 12: The Rise of the Workcation

August 18th, 2021

In this episode of Welcome to the New Normal, we ask what is a “workcation”? And why is it a terrible idea? A workcation is a holiday where you take your work with you, and apparently, it’s less rare than you’d imagine. Research shows, unsurprisingly, that real vacations, where the stresses of the o...


Episode 11: Horizons Broaden for Digital Nomads

August 11th, 2021

In this episode of Welcome to the New Normal, we discuss why digital nomadism is increasingly popular, with workers, some earning very nicely, taking to the open road, or the high seas, in camper vans, sailing yachts, or simply cruising from city to city to get a taste of a different culture while m...


Episode 6: What is Happening to Entry-Level Jobs and Middle Managers?

June 23rd, 2021

In this episode of Welcome to the New Normal we’re discussing how the number of entry-level positions has been declining rapidly over the last decade, a trend that has accelerated in the last 12 months. The demand for tech skills has never been higher, something higher education will have to factor ...


5 Benefits of Highly Engaged Employees & Why Engagement Matters

June 12th, 2021

Highly engaged employees bring invaluable benefits to an organization, but they are a rare find. Employee engagement doesn’t happen by accident, it requires a dedicated effort from everyone, especially those at the top. ...


Episode 3: Commuting to Work, Mental Health, and Financial Savings

June 2nd, 2021

In this episode of Welcome to the New Normal we ask if the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) going to drive us back from home comforts to the hustle and bustle of the office? What’s certain is that a return to the shared workplace means a return to the commute and whether this has a positive or negative im...


Episode 1: Our relationship with physical space

May 19th, 2021

In this episode of the Welcome to the New Normal podcast we ask, how our relationship with physical spaces is changing? We look at how cinemas are hiring their spaces out to gamers, and the humble telephone booth may have an augmented future. We also celebrate the 5Oth birthday of the email and ask ...


Employee Advocacy: Marketing’s Secret Weapon

March 11th, 2021

Employee advocacy marketing is a great way to boost the organic reach of content, using your most powerful and cost-effective asset – employees. ...


Leverage your Employee Advocacy Program with Gamification

January 7th, 2021

Creating an employee advocacy program benefits all areas of an organization. Using employees’ voices and influence is an under-utilized way to increase brand reach and improve engagement. ...


Drive Employee Engagement through Intranet Adoption

January 6th, 2021

Employee engagement and experience are more than just buzzwords, they directly impact communication and collaboration within a company. A great way to encourage employees to be engaged is through the adoption of the company intranet. ...


Digital Well-being and the Digital Workplace

December 4th, 2020

Employee mental and physical wellbeing is becoming more important than ever. But there’s a new topic facing managers – digital well-being. ...


Powell Software Launches Employee Onboarding Templates

November 13th, 2020

Starting a new role is always a challenge for HR and the newcomer, and today’s employees are having to navigate joining a new company remotely. ...


How to Motivate Employees Remotely

November 3rd, 2020

Knowing how to motivate employees is always difficult, but never more so than now. So here are 8 ways to motivate your employees, even if they work remotely. ...


Build an Employee Advocacy Program With Your Intranet

September 28th, 2020

Half of employees post about their employer on social platforms. But far too many employers do little more than enforce a boilerplate social media policy. As it turns out, this is a major missed opportunity. ...


Designing an Employee Experience Strategy for the Digital Workplace

May 19th, 2020

Employee experience (EX) is a term that has long been used to describe how satisfied employees are with their day-to-day lives at work. But with remote working trends on the rise, there’s a new topic being discussed: digital employee experience (DEX). As more companies go virtual, adapting employee ...


10 Employee Engagement Strategies for Remote Teams

April 28th, 2020

Employee engagement is key to business success. It impacts nearly everything, from profits to productivity, and can be used as a benchmark to help measure employee happiness and manager effectiveness. ...

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