AI Augmented Digital Workplace: Our View of the Future

In an augmented digital workplace, AI augments human ingenuity to simplify collaboration, work more productively, and make your team more connected and engaged.


An AI & Innovation-Led Roadmap

At Powell Software, we’re charting an ambitious course for the years ahead. Our mission is to create a continuously advancing digital workplace, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge AI-powered features into our existing solutions.

To provide complete transparency on your path to the AI-augmented digital workplace, we’ll clearly outline upcoming features on our roadmap.

Transform the Employee Experience with AI

We’re creating a redefined employee experience that benefits everyone. The AI-augmented digital workplace is designed to cater to every employee by providing role-specific functionalities. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, your employees will be liberated from mundane tasks.



greater adoption


more social interactions


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Enhanced Engagement

Foster engagement by providing information relevant to each employee and streamlining collaborative content creation.

AI-Augmented Content Creation

Enhance creativity by utilizing AI-generated suggestions for captivating headlines and compelling content.

Tailored Targeting

Push relevant content to employees based on their roles, preferences, and behavior.

Learn more about AI-assisted content creation in Powell Intranet

Improve Knowledge Management

Streamline information sharing and accessibility with the power of AI to enhance decision-making processes.

Governed Information Sources

Business owners govern sources of information, ranging from SharePoint documents and external sources (like ZenDesk or Workday) to public websites, ensuring data quality and relevance.

Self-Service Knowledge Base Creation

Approved business owners can initiate the creation of new Knowledge Bases in a self-service mode. This process includes setting up the Knowledge Base, indexing, and search functionalities powered by Azure AI.

Intelligent Bot Integration

Each Knowledge Base is complemented by a bot powered by Azure OpenAI (ChatGPT), designed to understand and respond to employee queries naturally and intuitively.

Learn more about capturing collective intelligence from Microsoft Teams

Powell Buddy: Your AI Assistant in Powell Intranet

Your advanced AI companion within Powell Intranet is reshaping content creation. This intelligent assistant offers seamless integration into your existing workflow, elevating the intranet experience with sophisticated AI content optimization capabilities. With Powell Buddy, crafting announcements or composing in-depth articles becomes effortless, boosting productivity through AI content creation features. It’s designed to enrich every aspect of your intranet content, ensuring it’s as engaging as it is informative.

Evolution of the Digital Workplace

2013 – 2016

Emergence of cloud and mobile tools


2017 – 2019

Expanding Collaboration and Integration

2020 – 2021

Accelerated adoption due to remote work

2022 – 2023

Generative AI Boom

Increased Productivity

Empower productivity by addressing a primary concern commonly raised by employees: finding information.

Document Search

Find what you need fast with AI-assisted search capabilities in the intranet and Microsoft 365.

Ask Questions Using Natural Language

Get precise answers to your questions, even when the information lies outside Microsoft 365, like your CRM or HRIS system.

Learn more about AI-augmented search in Powell Intranet

Empowered Digital Workplace Administrators

Optimize the management of your digital environment for simplified, efficient administration.

Identity Governance

Ensure smooth management of user identities and access privileges for seamless operations.

Assisted Space Template Creation

Facilitate creating and managing Microsoft Teams and SharePoint collaborative spaces with AI-assisted templates.

Redundant Space Detection

Efficiently detect and manage redundant spaces to optimize resources and enhance organizational efficiency.

Intuitive User Interface

Deliver a fluid, engaging user experience through modern interfaces.

Conversational Accessibility

Interact with your digital workplace in natural language, even on the move, thanks to speech-to-text and speech-to-speech technology.

Virtual Building

Experience an interactive digital landscape beyond conventional intranet interfaces, providing an immersive Virtual Building platform for more realistic interaction and collaboration.

Explore the Virtual Building

Take the First Step Toward an AI Augmented Digital Workplace

Are you prepared to witness the transformative power of the AI-augmented digital workplace for your business? Take the first step toward renewed productivity and enhanced collaboration.

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