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Extend the employee experience with the digital workplace app

Simplify internal communications and boost collaboration for all employees, from office to frontline workers. Access company information and documents in your pocket, anywhere and anytime with a mobile intranet app.

Simple & Customizable

A user-friendly design, customized to your branding.

  • The Powell App logo, splash screen, and colors can be set to match your company branding
  • Engage employees with an easy to use intranet app for a better employee experience
  • Gain quick access to your most-used applications


Effective & Personalized

Easy access to relevant information for all employees

  • Simply and effectively deliver relevant news and documents to all employees
  • Personalize the user experience with targeted content, notifications, and alerts based on roles
  • Include and empower frontline workers and deskless workers with an easy to create dedicated page in the intranet app
  • Equip non Office 365 license holders with read-only access to company information and documents


Natively Secure & Compliant

Information is secure so you can work in confidence

  • Get peace of mind with a natively secured application based on Microsoft 365 offering authentication settings and identity management
  • Compatible with Mobile Device Management tools and multi-factor authentication systems
  • Data is stored in the Azure blob in your Microsoft 365 tenant by default


One Digital Workplace App

Simplified  processes with all your apps in one place

  • Gather all the Microsoft and third-party business applications you use every day in one location
  • Find the right colleague and easily contact them with access to your company employee directory
  • Everything your business needs in one employee engagement app


Two licensing options for your mobile intranet app

Standard Powell Apps

A ready-to-use mobile intranet app with out-of-the-box functionalities.

Included in your Powell Intranet license

  • News
  • Upcoming events
  • Recent documents
  • People Directory
  • Any intranet page in responsive design or customized design
  • Business applications
  • Mobile notifications for important content


Premium Powell Apps

Enterprise deployment (MDM) with multi apps management & design personalization.

Requires an additional license

  • All standard features
  • Your personal mobile application name, logo, and splash screen.
  • Automatic package builder for deployment with an MDM solution on Android and IOS
  • Multiple apps management system


Powell Apps for Frontline Workers

Give deskless and frontline workers access to the information they need. Start creating a truly inclusive company culture.

Digital Workplace App for Deskless Workers

Frontline or deskless workers have access to a digital workplace app tailored to their needs. From full communication and collaboration, to simply being informed of the latest news and events.

Empower frontline workers with information, engage in company culture, connect with colleagues. Offer an experience that is tailored to every worker’s needs.

Three tailored experiences

Essential Experience: Access to essential company intranet pages. No Microsoft 365 license.

Full Experience: Full access to the company intranet & Office 365. Microsoft 365 license.

Full Experience & Powell Teams: Full access to the intranet, Teams, and Office 365. Microsoft 365 license.

Empower and Support Frontline Workers

48% of frontline workers are not digitally empowered! Unlike their desk-based colleagues, field workers often don’t have access to digital communication and collaboration tools, like a company intranet. That means they lack access to internal news and events, making it harder to feel part of the company culture. Providing a shared space tailored to frontline workers’ roles boosts feelings of belonging, helping foster inclusivity and engagement.

Download this guide to providing frontline workers with the digital tools they need to stay engaged and connected. Discover the Powell Apps experience for every deskless worker.


You’ll learn:

  • Who a frontline worker is & the challenges they face
  • The value of connected frontline workers
  • How to empower field workers with digital tools
  • Powell Software digital workplace solutions tailored to employees roles

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