Securing intranet objectives and investments

Tailoring to user needs

Communication Managers often grapple with the challenge of maintaining consistent employee engagement with their intranet. An infrequently updated intranet, both in content and appearance, risks becoming obsolete, failing to meet employees’ evolving expectations for communication and productivity tools. This lack of updates can lead to a significant decline in employee engagement, impacting organizational efficiency and morale.

Discover how Powell Intranet effectively addresses the critical challenge of intranet adoption. Focused on delivering a dynamic and user-centric experience, Powell Intranet ensures your digital workplace is not only a hub for communication but also a tool for enhanced productivity. Through intuitive design and powerful capabilities, we assist in keeping your intranet relevant, engaging, and aligned with employee needs.


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Ensure freshness and relevance

Enable consistent updates in content and design, ensuring the intranet remains captivating. Empower users with personalization options to customize their experience, enhancing the intranet’s relevance to individual roles and interests.

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Tasks and Calendar

Elevating beyond communication

Integrates diverse productivity tools, including task management, calendar integration, and document collaboration, to reshape the intranet into an all-encompassing workspace that fulfills all employee expectations.

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User feedback & analytics

Comprehend User Preferences: Gathers and analyzes user feedback and engagement data for continual enhancement based on actual usage patterns and preferences.

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Mobile App

Mobile accessibility & user-friendly design

Effortlessly ensure multi-channel communication on the go with seamless mobile accessibility, encouraging engagement beyond the traditional office environment. Our user-friendly design elevates the overall user experience, encouraging consistent use.


Targeted communication & collaboration features

Employ strategic communication approaches with targeted channels and collaboration features, positioning the intranet as a central hub for both formal and informal interactions. This fosters a sense of community and belonging among employees.

Targeted communications

It was a great opportunity to implement a digital workplace that is easily usable anywhere, anytime and that employees can really engage with as a single source of truth”

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