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June 3rd, 2021 by Yvonne Harris

The launch of Microsoft Viva generated quite the stir and left people wondering just what it is, when its different features will be available, and most importantly how will it work with the Powell Software digital workplace. After first being announced in April 2021 we’re excited to see the first of four features, Viva Connections, now available.

At Powell Software, improving employee engagement, corporate communication, and simplified collaboration is our focus. We help companies create the best employee experience through digital workplace solutions that fit the new flexible hybrid work environment. We do this by connecting employees and organizations more effectively with a single digital workplace that links the intranet to Teams.


Powell Software Digital Workplace


What is Viva Connections?

Viva Connections is one of the four Viva modules. It provides a bridge between SharePoint sites and Microsoft Teams. Viva Connections allows users to discover and search for content, sites, and news directly from the Microsoft Teams main menu to enable :

  1. Linking SharePoint into Teams
  2. Highlighting of specific resources
  3. Finding corporate information directly from Teams
  4. Searching content in SharePoint from within TeamsViva Connections Experience

When is Viva Connections available?

On the launch of Microsoft Viva, we explored how Powell Software will leverage Viva to provide an always up-to-date and complete employee experience. We were excited to explore Viva and its capabilities, as it represents an opportunity for Powell Software to strengthen further the connection between the intranet and Teams.

That’s why we are now mobilized to take advantage of the Microsoft Viva opportunities as quickly as possible. Viva Connections is available now and Powell Software customers can already implement it.


How can you enable Viva Connections?

Microsoft recently released the ability to start deploying Microsoft Viva Connections. The process must be done by an administrator who will provision this first version through PowerShell and upload it as an application to Microsoft Teams.


How can you deploy your own Powell Intranet buttons in Teams with a few clicks?

At Powell Software we not only offer our customers compatibility with Viva Connections but also the ability to generate this experience very easily. Administrators can create deployable modules as buttons in Teams with just a few clicks and as many times as they like.

Powell software viva connections

The added value of Powell Intranet is of course not limited to this very practical day-to-day functionality. Our digital workplace solution also allows you to engage your employees and cover all scenarios of the hybrid work environment, whether in the company’s intranet or in Teams.

Interested in learning more about Powell Software solutions to improve your employee experience? Talk to our team today about your individual project and we will help find a solution tailored to your needs.


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