Flex Desk, the new widget for hot desking

June 16th, 2020 by Esther Daga

Ensuring that your employees return to the office safely can be complicated. The flex desk widget from Powell Software makes it easier, allowing employees to hot-desk and book their spaces before coming into the office.

Powell Software has worked hard to support our clients who had to rapidly establish new working conditions to comply with changing health regulations. At the start of the pandemic, we released a crisis communications template to help companies keep communications flowing during this rough time. In preparation for lockdown restrictions being lifted, our team created new functionalities to respond to our customer’s needs. All these features are available to current and future customers.

Desk sharing at work

Due to changing health regulations and the move to hybrid work, « hot desking » is becoming more popular as the workforce slowly transitions back into the office. Instead of having one assigned space, employees share a pool of desks and reserve their place each day. To guarantee employee safety, having a clean working area, and meeting social distancing regulations, hot desking is a preferred option for many organizations.

Still, switching to hot desking can be a big cultural change. It is important to put together the right change management policy and select the right technology for your company’s needs.

Discover Flex Desk

Flex Desk is a new Powell Intranet widget that allows employees to book their desks in the company office. This free desk sharing tool facilitates the return of your employees on-premises as you transition from remote working or continue to work hybrid. Through a shared office system, the tool helps companies control and optimize the use of workspaces, in a safe and clear way. Easy to install, it is available now in Powell Manager!

Watch this video to see Flex Desk in action.

Flex Desk Booking Youtube

Managing Hot Desking

Flex Desk is a very simple desk-sharing tool that is connected to the company intranet. It is extremely easy to install and is available now in Powell Manager. The tool is set up to clearly show available desks with filters by date, time, and location, like the floor or open space.

For greater visibility, we have also included a reservation feature that displays a user’s recent bookings. This personalized functionality is useful for management and keeping employees organized. The clean dashboard enables a user to quickly see what they reserved, with a list of upcoming office bookings, cancelation options, and time slots when they do not plan to be in the office.

Using our Desk Booking Software

Employees can easily book their workstation by following a few steps:

  1. Select the reservation duration: Select a date and time to be in the office and reserve a desk. Of course, a user is limited to dates and times when the office is open and available.
  2. Select desk location: Depending on the company, users can have a choice between what office floor or open space they would like to reserve a space in.
  3. Select the specific workstation: A map of the office space showing the available options in line with the selected filters will appear. Users can quickly see the available workspace, as the widget clearly highlights availability by color. Available options appear in color while those which are already reserved are grayed out.

How can I reserve my workspace on Flex Desk?

If you are already a Powell Intranet customer and want to implement this desk sharing feature, we’ve made it effortless. In Powell Manager, there is a dedicated site template available that you can implement at any time. The template is completely customizable and you can choose your own card design and tie it into multiple time zones if needed.

This model was designed to reserve office spaces and for desk sharing. However, it can be used in a plethora of reservation scenarios, such as employee parking reservations.



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