How Powell Software Leverages Microsoft Viva

June 10th, 2021 by Yvonne Harris

Powell Software is excited for the release of Microsoft Viva, a new employee experience platform to complement the digital workplace. 

Microsoft Viva in the Hybrid Work World 

2021 continues to transform the way we work and live. Remote working is more popular than ever and our daily habits have changed for good. Now that we’ve gotten rid of the commute, we’re trying to find ways to be productive from home. At Powell Software, employee engagement is our key focus, and our mission now more than ever is to connect employees in this new hybrid workplace.  

That’s why we’re excited to see the move to flexible working and the need for adapted digital tools recognized globally. Microsoft’s announcement this month of a new employee experience platform, Microsoft Viva, will complement Powell Software solutions to make working from home or in the office as streamlined as possible. 

At Powell Software we take a holistic approach to achieving our mission. We stretch beyond pure productivity and focus on employees and engagement. From our virtual coffee machine to remote employee onboarding, we have pivoted the digital workplace to adapt to the needs of modern employees.  

Microsoft, traditionally a very IT-focused company, is recognizing this too. We’re enthusiastic about the launch of Microsoft Viva which confirms the importance of the digital employee experience.  


Exploring the Employee Experience Platform 

Microsoft announced Viva as the first Employee Experience Platform, but it reflects a larger shift in work from home practices.  

Pre-Covid few people worked remotely full time and experience referred to what happened in the office. Think Chief Happiness Officers and ping pong tables. Then the pandemic hit and everyone became a remote employee.  

Now the employee experience is online. 


What exactly is Microsoft Viva? 

Microsoft Viva groups together some existing functionalities with several new features. It is composed of four modules housed in Microsoft Teams. 

Connections: Microsoft Viva Connections makes SharePoint and Yammer accessible from within Microsoft Teams. 

Learning: Microsoft Viva Learning brings together content from third parties like Pluralsight and Coursera along with LinkedIn learning. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn learning in 2016, so the integration is a natural progression.  

TopicsViva Topics is a new search capability feature that uses AI to improve knowledge management. 

Insights: Many Microsoft users will recognize the Viva Insights feature. Outlook users have been receiving insights to their inboxes for several months now. 

Viva Insights will now provide a dashboard in Teams that breaks down the number of hours taken up by emails and meetings, how much focus time employees have, and more. Insights will also let managers see if employees have been working overtime, so they can encourage them to switch offMicrosoft reassures employees however that the data is anonymized. 

Viva Insights will be housed in Teams alongside MyAnalytics and other wellbeing features like the ‘virtual commute’ and Headspace. 

How does Viva connect with Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Viva is located in Teams, which saw great success in 2020. Now counting over 115 million daily active users, it is the go-to collaboration platform.  

One of the main features of Microsoft Viva is that it integrates a number of current solutions, like SharePoint, Insights, and Cortex within Teams. It aims to bring everything employees need into one place, simplifying tasks and saving time. 

Powell Software was a leader in this area. Our customers have benefitted from this integration for several months, Powell Intranet can be accessed from Teams and vice-versa. Viva confirms the need for easy access to the tools employees use daily. 


When will it be available? 

Viva won’t be all available at once, instead, it’s being rolled out over the year. We can’t wait to see the impact of Viva in the next few months. 

  • Viva Topics is now available  
  • Viva Connections is now available
  • Viva Learning is available in private preview  
  • Viva Insights is available in public preview 


How Powell Software will leverage Microsoft Viva 

Microsoft Viva complements the Powell Software digital workplace and as our solutions are built on Microsoft Graphcustomers are ready, by design, for new Microsoft features. you can already see how we are integrating Viva connections into our digital workplace solutions.

Our goals are aligned, to enhance the day-to-day lives of employees in the hybrid workplace.  

Together our solutions support the full employee journey. That’s why we welcome Microsoft Viva and look forward to seeing more companies put remote employee experience at the heart of initiatives.  

Ready to boost employee engagement, and prepare employees for a long term move to remote work? Talk to our team to see how Powell Software’s digital workplace provides employees with the communication and collaboration tools they need to stay productive no matter where they work from.  



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