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Bring people together with the right set of remote working tools

The hybrid workplace is quickly becoming the norm, a change accelerated by recent events. With this model, employees have the flexibility to work in-office or remote. For organizations, it requires an adjustment to communication and collaboration methods. Connecting employees and maintaining a link between them is core to a resilient workplace.

Stay Connected When Remote

Promote communication & employee engagement

Technology plays an important role in supporting people and organizations, making the remote work revolution possible. Gather all remote tools and business applications in one place to keep your remote workers connected and focused.

  • Keep your distributed workforce well informed
  • Find who or what you need with ease
  • Keep corporate content consistent and visible wherever it’s consumed
  • Amplify your Microsoft 365 investment
  • Connect your company intranet to Microsoft Teams
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Keep Teams Productive

Create controlled connections & drive productivity

With a digital workplace, remote workers can communicate and collaborate effectively and securely, wherever they are. It’s a crucial environment to bring company culture to life inside and outside of the office. Build the right virtual experience to promote employee connections and meet day to day needs.

  • Work together in real-time with trust ​and confidence
  • Boost Microsoft Teams adoption across the organization
  • Collaborate with confidence across pre-defined template and channels
  • Stay focused on what matters​ with seamless task management​
  • Flexible governance to control team creation and track analytics

Set Up a Hybrid Workplace

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Support Diversity and Inclusion

Culture is critical to the hybrid work experience

Create a workplace culture that supports diversity and inclusion. Clear internal processes and a governance plan driven by company culture will ensure a happy experience for all. The end goal is to have an environment in which all employees can thrive.

  • Access everything in one place​
  • Create an inclusive and engaging team culture
  • Communicate clearly with a fully connected intranet
  • Better understand employee needs through analytics and reporting
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Engage a Flexible Workplace

Provide a full-fledged intranet mobile application

When working, it’s critical for people to have the right productivity apps to help them create and collaborate from anywhere. Bring your hybrid workforce together via the apps they use every day. The digital workplace can reach and engage your workforce seamlessly.

  • Keep your company intranet in your pocket
  • Check email and perform day to day activities on a mobile device​
  • Access documents and pick up where you left off, on your mobile, tablet, or PC​
  • Work seamlessly as a team, no matter where each person is physically located

The Complete Guide to Preparing Your Team for Remote Work Success

Remote Work Whitepaper

2020 was a catalyst for remote work, and many organizations are now making the switch to remote full time. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you make the move to remote work a success. Download the guide and learn how to make the move to remove work a reality!
You’ll learn:

  • Remote work facts vs. fiction
  • The many faces of remote work
  • 10 essential remote working digital tools
  • How to build communication and collaboration within remote companies
  • Defining company culture for remote teams
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Remote Work Resources

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