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Hybrid work has taken the spotlight. Employees are now split between being remote, in the office, and on the field. Most organizations now plan to make the switch permanent.

Organizations that move to a hybrid work model need a flexible digital workplace to bring people together, maintain social links and help remote teams stay productive.

They also need new ways of engaging employees in the company culture and goals to build a sense of belonging and alignment.

Connect & Engage Hybrid Workers

Powell Software connects employees and organizations through technology to bring comms to life and make hybrid work possible. We help to maintain social ties and a build sense of belonging in a happier, flexible workplace.

  • Keep your workforce informed, engaged, and aligned
  • Get more buy-in to company culture and goals
  • Keep company content consistent and visible wherever it’s consumed
  • An innovative and playful approach engages people in company initiatives
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remote work

Boost Remote Teams Productivity

As more employees embrace remote work, some are discovering home is where they are most productive. We provide employees with the right set of tools they need to complete their daily tasks from wherever they are. Communicate and collaborate effectively and securely regardless of location with the right digital experience.

  • Work seamlessly as a team, no matter where each person is located
  • Get work done through adapted and digitized processes
  • Set simple guidelines included in the workplace to keep it organized
  • Find who or what you need with ease when you need it
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Promote Diversity & Inclusion

Include everyone in the digital experience to achieve hybrid work success. Create a company culture that supports diversity and inclusion, ensuring a happy and engaging space where all employees can thrive.

  • Ensure everyone can access everything from everywhere
  • Provide a full mobile application to keep your company intranet in employees pockets
  • Communicate clearly through a fully connected environment
  • Better communicate with employees from the field to the office
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Making the move to hybrid work possible

Learn more about how Powell 365 truly connects your employees with the organization through adapted communication and collaboration for the hybrid workplace.

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The Complete Guide to Preparing Your Team for Remote Work Success

Remote Work Whitepaper

2020 was a catalyst for remote work, and many organizations are now making the switch to remote full time. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you make the move to remote work a success. Download the guide and learn how to make the move to remove work a reality!
You’ll learn:

  • Remote work facts vs. fiction
  • The many faces of remote work
  • 10 essential remote working digital tools
  • How to build communication and collaboration within remote companies
  • Defining company culture for remote teams
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Remote Work Resources

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