Powell Software Launches Employee Onboarding Templates

by Yvonne Harris

Starting a new role is always a challenge for HR and the newcomer, and today’s employees are having to navigate joining a new company remotely.

The typical onboarding process starts in the office, where employees are given their desks and introduced to their team. Remote employees, however, face unique challenges, their first day on the job doesn’t start by walking into an office but by opening up a computer. Powell Software’s new employee onboarding templates are designed to allow HR managers to create a complete and smooth onboarding process. By leveraging the power of the intranet and Microsoft Teams HR can get a new hire up and running in minutes.

Onboarding Employees in the Hybrid Workplace

More and more companies are moving to remote work, and employees are splitting their time between the office and home. HR now has to immerse new employees in the company culture and build connections between new hires, managers, and teams.

“We’re excited to launch Onboarding Templates to help organizations build hybrid workplaces and add to our roster of easy-to-use templates for our customers. We look forward to continuing our mission of helping them connect to their employees and to digitize their critical business processes by making new technologies for Microsoft accessible” says Mathieu Silbermann, CPO of Powell Software.

The Powell Software employee onboarding templates allow HR to create an onboarding experience in a few clicks.

  • HR can create a customized intranet with a dedicated onboarding section containing key documents, corporate information, training videos, welcome messages, and more.
Remote employee onboarding experience
  • To further enhance the experience, HR can create a personal Teams space with a 30-day plan, dedicated communication channel, and department-specific materials.

Templates to Get New Employees Up and Running in Minutes

These templates are designed to simplify the onboarding experience. The intranet pages and Teams created are aligned with established governance and naming conventions, making the process less time-consuming. With the onboarding space up and ready to go in minutes, employees can integrate into the company in no time.

Remote employees will appreciate having a tailored onboarding process. When a remote employee logs onto their computer they will be greeted with these dedicated spaces. New employees will have all the information they need to get started on the job. The Teams channel further allows them to connect with their manager and HR, asking questions not covered elsewhere.

Preparing for the Future of Work

The hybrid workplace looks set to be the future and as companies continue to expand and grow, onboarding employees remotely will need to rival in-person onboarding. Powell Softwares new onboarding templates make the process straightforward and simple. First impressions matter, and making sure new employees have a good start is essential to keeping them connected long term.

 See the remote onboarding templates in action.



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