How does Powell Software Encourage an Innovative & Fulfilling Culture?

by Esther Daga

In an ever-changing professional world, company culture is the cornerstone of success. Marine Fournier, Head of HR at Powell Software’s, reveals her perspective on the approaches and initiatives deployed in Powell that build an innovative and fulfilling culture.

At Powell Software, we have a clear objective: to forge an innovative, strong, inclusive, and ethical company culture that motivates our people to reach their full potential. For us, this means, above all else, supporting our employees and offering them opportunities to develop and cultivate innovation. This encourages employee performance and company growth.

We value proactivity and personal initiative, encouraging our employees to suggest innovative solutions to optimize our methods and satisfy our customers. By combining each individual’s know-how, creativity, and strengths, we can achieve collective excellence. What’s more, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment.

Powell Software Employees

Our remote policy allows employees to work from home 80% of the time. Employees have the freedom to manage their time between their professional and personal lives, guaranteeing their well-being and productivity. This approach also opens doors to a wealth of talent worldwide, reinforcing our status as a global player.

Equity and inclusion are at the heart of our values. Our women@powell initiative aims to enhance and strengthen the role of women within our organization. In addition, we are stepping up our efforts to improve our “ega pro” index in France, with particular attention paid to women and people with disabilities during our recruitment processes. Because at Powell Software, the value of each individual is recognized and indispensable.

We are also committed to an ecologically and socially responsible approach to business. With this in mind, we are working towards the “ecovadis” certification to demonstrate our green practices. We are also exploring new avenues to strengthen our social and environmental actions.

In addition to these actions, we host quarterly “it’s not rocket science” sessions, where employees can share their skills and teach others. Following the introduction of a remote working charter in 2022, we are also strengthening remote interactions by offering virtual events and fun activities.

According to a recent survey with our Powell Players, 92% feel balanced in their professional lives. To further encourage this harmony, our Happiness Committee in France sets up various informal events to strengthen interdepartmental links.

In conclusion, at Powell Software, we firmly believe that a strong, innovative, open, and committed company culture is essential to our growth. Our efforts to value our people, encourage diversity, and ensure environmental and social responsibility while promoting collaboration and adaptability are the pillars of our business model. Our vision remains focused on the future and the well-being of all.

Marine Fournier HeadShot

Marine Fournier
Head of Human Resources @Powell Software

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