Webinar: Discover the Powell Governance Bot and Automate Governance

by Yvonne Harris

Microsoft Teams governance is a topic facing IT departments globally. A small issue at the beginning, lack of control can quickly lead to chaos. During this on-demand webinar discover how to save time and take charge of your Microsoft Teams governance with the new Powell Governance Bot.

On-Demand Webinar


Automate Operational Governance with the Powell Governance Bot

While Microsoft Teams is improving efficiency for employees, IT Departments are being confronted with an increasing number of Teams, channels, and an overload of information being shared.

For those that aren’t prepared with a Microsoft Teams governance plan, this can quickly lead to uncontrolled sprawl and disorganization hindering productivity, compliance, and security. At best employees can’t find what they’re looking for, at worst they are uncontrollably adding external participants and causing security risks.

Your IT Department is in charge of this governance but can quickly be overwhelmed by a heavy workload making Teams difficult to manage.

The best solution? Stay on top of governance before it becomes an issue.

Yet for time-pressed IT professionals implementing a governance policy and trying to follow up on actions and breaches can be a burden.



Simplify Teams Management for IT

Until now Powell Governance has been helping IT teams gain control of Microsoft Teams with proper governance policies. Now, its power is being augmented with lifecycle automation.

How does it work? First, your IT department defines the criteria to be tracked. Powell Governance then automatically scans for governance breaches and sends actionable messages through our new Bot to Teams owners. It is an invaluable time-saver for any IT professional managing Teams.

Teams admins no longer need to go searching for policy breaches or remember to check reports. Teams owners will automatically receive Bot notifications when rules aren’t complied with, asking them to update their team space

Discover more about the Powell Governance Bot during this 45-minute on-demand webinar.


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Who is the event for? This webinar is for IT professionals, or those managing a Microsoft Teams environment.

Why should I attend? You should attend if you want to improve a Microsoft Teams workspace that has been widely adopted by employees. Or perhaps you need to improve Microsoft Teams to encourage employee adoption.

Is the webinar live? The webinar was presented and recorded live and now we are offering it on-demand so you can watch it when it suits you.

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About Powell Governance

Powell Governance is your Microsoft Teams app for enhanced governance and improved user experience. IT departments love Powell Governance for its lifecycle management capabilities, from Teams creation to ongoing management and end of life. Now the Powell Governance Bot is taking things a step further and making Teams management even easier for IT departments.

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