Why Do You Need an Intranet Solution?

by Esther Daga

Create a social corporate culture

Data management and internal processes create a centralized knowledge base, so why would your company even need to implement an intranet solution? In the information technology world that exists today, all organizations have more or less developed internal operations to optimize and store information. The problem is that they haven’t taken it much further than that; storing information.

The modern digital workplace is growing away from information management and instead creating a social corporate culture. The idea is to build a smarter, more connected workforce through increased collaboration and improved communication which makes a company more successful in terms of productivity. Unfortunately, you cannot increase productivity with a snap of your finger. However, you can put in place a social intranet solution that becomes the home base for employees to communicate, collaborate and connect.

Intranet Solution Advantages

Any kind of business can benefit from an intranet solution. Whether you are a large conglomerate or a small mom and pop organization, consider all the different kinds of advantages an intranet can bring to your organization:

1) Employee Collaboration:

Social collaboration is now an essential part of business operations and interactions. The intranet brings different departments together into one place to work on a project, allowing employees to discover new skills and connect with others on a new level all. Employees can keep track of outstanding tasks, bypass corporate hierarchies and connect directly to get easy authorization and quick feedback.

2) Transparent Communication:

Make communication easier. Step away from “traditional” tools like e-mail and be social with an enterprise social network like Yammer. Not only can employees access work related information, they can also share information, recognize outstanding employees, gather feedback via surveys/suggestions within the intranet. Sync corporate communication on all company levels with a communication hub and endorse new initiatives or policies while keeping employees involved on relevant news and announces.

3) Engaging Culture:

A company’s culture is the driving factor behind the way your employees work. Keep your employees satisfied with a tool that simplifies daily operations and is structures around how employees do their job. Empower employees to be creative and push new discussions that thrive on collaboration. Engage employees with lively communication and promote company history and evolution. An intranet transforms the employee experience to promote efficiency, growth and innovation -all things apart of an engaging culture.

4) Knowledge Management:

Provide a coherent focal point for employees that delivers simple and seamless organization and a superb search engine. Implement central document management built with the user experience in mind and streamline processes that actually match current working practices.

5) Mobile Employees:

Your staff no longer works just in the office. The current workforce is a mobile entity.  According to Deloitte, 64% of employees would choose a lower paying job if they could work away from the office. Employees work from home and on the go. A mobile intranet breaks boundaries in employee communication and productivity with mobile online meetings, online training, video training and other innovations.

The main goal

According to Microsoft, “In order for a company to succeed, all players must understand its goals. Neither long-term nor short-term goals should be confined to upper management meetings. It’s Business 101. Everyone needs to be working toward common goals”.

The company that will be the most successful in their digital transformation will be the one that removes the barriers between employees, technology and the workplace. It will thrive via a connected digital workplace culture. We want to help you create that culture with Powell 365, the Office 365 Digital Workplace. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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