Webinar: Generate Ideas & Fuel Employee Inventiveness with the Ideation Hub!

by Yvonne Harris

Employees are the most powerful source of knowledge for any organization and capitalizing on their collective intelligence can foster significant results, producing great ideas.

Powell Software ran a webinar to show how to help employees generate ideas for their personal and organizational success.

Collective intelligence: a missed opportunity

The Powell Software Ideation Hub was launched to realize the full potential of collective intelligence. Simply it was created to utilize employees’ ideas, creativity, and inventiveness in a way that benefits everyone.

The Ideation Hub aims to incorporate the invaluable employee knowledge base into company-related decision-making. It promotes better transparency and inclusivity by allowing employees to share and transmit their ideas easily within their organization.

Discover the Ideation Hub

Attendees experienced the Powell Software Ideation Hub during this 45-minute webinar.

During the demonstration attendees learned how this unified idea management hub incorporated in the digital workplace can:

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Promote diversity of thinking
  • Give rise to new possibilities and projects through better collaboration

Engagement, Creativity & Inclusion

The workplace is changing rapidly, and employees expectations are increasing. No longer content to play a passive role in their organization’s development today’s employees want to participate and to be heard. Contributing ideas, that lead to real results, allows employees to feel engaged. For employers, engagement is critical to a happy productive workforce. So it’s a win-win.

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