Powell Intranet Sustainability Corner: Carpooling

by Tamar Asatiani

Read about how Powell Intranet contributes to creating positive environmental changes through its Carpooling tool.

Powell Intranet sustainability initiative

The consequences of climate change continue to impact all life on Earth. Due to rising temperatures caused by human activity, the need for sustainable solutions has grown. Businesses need to take the issue of climate change into account when creating new products or services or when building their CSR initiatives. They also need to understand the importance of making a positive difference by reducing carbon emissions, conserving energy, and eliminating unnecessary materials from their production processes. This is crucial for any company to be sustainable.

At Powell Software, we feel a huge responsibility to take care of our planet. We feel the need to contribute to our environment and take necessary actions to create positive change. Our new initiative to launch a carpooling tool serves precisely this purpose.

We are proud that our car-sharing idea came from our French customer and their partner, who originally did custom development.

Why launch a car-sharing tool?

One of the many ways to help the environment is by carpooling.

What is Carpooling?

Carpooling is when you ride with several other people to the same destination. You can be a driver or a passenger. Drivers share their private vehicles with coworkers during their daily commute. This way, they can reduce the number of cars on the road and help contribute to the more significant cause of reducing pollution and carbon dioxide emissions.

Let us list the many benefits of carpooling to demonstrate the positive changes it can bring to our environment.

  • Carpooling is a great way to connect with people socially and foster friendly relations between coworkers. Having company is always such fun!
  • More importantly, it is well known that carpooling helps decrease carbon dioxide emissions and increase energy efficiency.
  • Since cars are shared, there are fewer cars on the road. This leads to reduced pollution.

Our solution

Thanks to Powell Intranet capabilities, the carpooling experience proved to be very simple! It is easy to use both for drivers and passengers!

With Powell Intranet Carpooling, drivers can create new rides in seconds through a creation form, including information about departure/destination and time/date. Passengers can find all the existing rides directly on the page and easily register. If they have any questions, they can discuss them with the driver in the “comments” section. Available filters make it even more effortless for passengers to find the ride they want.

The carpooling tool can be easily deployed on your portal since it is a ready-to-use template. Test it for yourself with our interactive tour below.


Use carpooling with your coworkers and help decrease carbon emissions, ease traffic congestion, and reduce the need for at least one additional car!

What to expect?

Our Carpooling tool represents a broader picture of Powell Intranet’s developing capability within the hybrid workspace. Apart from carpooling, Powell Intranet promotes sustainability in the workplace by providing various functionalities on the portal, such as the Second-Hand Swap Market and the Sustainability Corner.

We will provide a complete environment focused on promoting sustainable practices over the next few months –  stay tuned!

CTA - Powell Software Sustainability Corner Demo

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