Powell Intranet Sustainability Corner: Second-Hand Market

by Tamar Asatiani

Learn about the Second-Hand Swap Market on Powell Intranet and how it drives positive social and environmental impact.

Why should we consider second-hand shopping?

We cannot ignore that the products we consume can cause environmental damage because of the resources and energy needed to create them. Every time new products are manufactured, additional power and resources are used, which end up harming and polluting our environment. It is our social and environmental responsibility to consider every item we no longer need before discarding it since waste has a significant footprint on the planet.

To reduce the number of new goods created, second-hand shopping can be a great alternative. By purchasing used items, a substantial positive environmental impact can be achieved. Production needs are reduced when buying used goods, so fewer natural resources and energy are required to produce these products. We no longer have to throw away items that are useless to us. These items can be exchanged or sold on second-hand platforms or given away for charity – as many others might find value in them. It’s like giving these products a second life. You can purchase all sorts of used goods online or in physical stores. These include clothes, furniture, and jewelry; you can even purchase used building supplies or second-hand cars and bikes.

If we are more conscious of our buying choices and habits, fewer items will end up in the dump, which means that it can significantly reduce waste

How does Powell Software promote buying used products?

At Powell Software, we want to promote sustainability in the workplace as part of every company’s CSR strategy by encouraging buying of second-hand products. On Powell Intranet, we offer a dedicated environment – a Second-hand Swap Market that aims to install healthy shopping habits among company employees. Anyone within the company can use the platform to buy and sell used products.

Buyers can use Powell Internet Content Creation tools to easily create and manage ads for the products they want to sell. They can easily include necessary product information, including the item’s description, condition, and price. Buyers can connect with sellers through the contact information included in the ad, converse with them, and buy the products they need.

*Each product advertisement is a separate article that gives detailed information on each product.

swap market powell intranet

Having a second-hand platform within the organization allows people to exchange items more confidently because these employees know each other and are, therefore, less likely to be misled by buyers. Items can also be swapped/exchanged for free if there is a mutual interest.

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A Second-hand Swap Market is a standalone Powell Intranet template (Classified Ads) that can be easily deployed from Powell Manager. It’s also part of the Powell Intranet sustainability corner, which also has a carpooling tool.

CTA - Powell Software Sustainability Corner Demo

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