10 Intranet Content Ideas to Drive Employee Engagement

by Esther Daga

In the grand scheme of things, launching your corporate intranet is just the beginning of a successful digital workplace. A steady rotation of relevant intranet content is key to keeping employees engaged with digital communication channels. But coming up with original intranet content ideas is harder than it seems. To help fuel your next brainstorming session, we’ve compiled a list of 10 ideas for intranet content that are guaranteed to drive engagement.

What makes good intranet content?

There are many different types of engaging intranet content, but they often share similar characteristics. First and foremost, any content you create should have a purpose. The biggest mistake to avoid in your intranet content strategy is creating content simply for the sake of it. Overloading employees with information that isn’t helpful or relevant contributes to a negative employee experience. Over time, you’ll find that engagement drops as users tune content out.

To that end, good intranet content also promotes engagement. Your intranet isn’t simply a one-way channel through which you can distribute information to employees. It’s also a multi-directional communication tool that allows you to collect feedback from employees and acts as a platform for individuals to interact with each other.

10 intranet content ideas for better engagement

The beauty of an intranet content management system is that it gives you the tools to communicate information in a variety of dynamic mediums. Why limit yourself to weekly e-blasts when you can just as easily distribute a video or start a discussion? Whether you’ve recently completed the intranet adoption process or your organization has been operating in a digital workplace for years, these intranet engagement ideas will help employees experience content in an entirely new way.

1. Welcome new employees

Every employee deserves a warm welcome when they join your company. Introduce new arrivals via your corporate intranet to give others the opportunity to say hello. Think of creative information to include that goes beyond their name and job title. For example, you might ask for their favorite ice cream flavor or dream travel destination.

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2. Create a dynamic onboarding process

The onboarding process is every new hire’s first taste of what it’s like to work within your organization. In fact, statistics show that 90% of employees decide whether to stay or leave within the first six months at a new company. Get off on the right foot with a dynamic onboarding process that uses multiple different types of engaging content, all housed within your CMS intranet library.

3. Personalize mass messages

Did you know that we’re more likely to engage with content when it’s personalized with our name? According to data from Experian, email marketers experience a 29% higher open rate and a 41% higher engagement rate when they use this strategy. Try customizing your next company-wide blast with each employee’s first name and see if that alone makes a difference in engagement data.

4. Crowdsource content

No one said you had to come up with all the intranet content ideas yourself. Host regular open calls for content from employees to allow them to share their own ideas and opinions with the rest of the community. To really drive engagement, choose a content theme and reward the best submissions with prizes.

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5. Stick to a schedule

Varying different types of intranet content helps keep things interesting but try to have some consistency by choosing regular intervals at which to post certain items. For example, if you send out a company-wide news update every week, schedule it for the same day and time so that employees know when to expect it.

6. Highlight top achievers

Some employees excel at reaching their sales goals; others stand out as top contributors to online discussions. Give these individuals recognition by highlighting their achievements in a dedicated space within your intranet. Not only will they feel rewarded for their efforts, but others might be inspired to improve their own efforts.

7. Post job opportunities

Time and time again, studies have shown that employees become disengaged and are more likely to leave a company if they don’t see a potential for upward mobility within the organization. Encourage long-term career goals by posting opportunities that employees can apply for. An internal job board is a great example of content for intranet that employees can engage with.

8. Maintain an events calendar

Does your company regularly host virtual happy hours, keynote speakers, or workshops? Increase participation by making an events calendar available to everyone in the organization. With the help of an intranet content management system, you can easily keep event pages organized and include links to relevant resources.

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9. Kickstart forum discussions

Forums are among the most interactive types of intranet content, but you can’t simply create one and expect individuals to participate on their own. As part of your intranet content strategy, stimulate engagement by posting open-ended questions for employees to answer. You can also use forums to encourage the discussion of high-level issues like diversity and inclusion.

10. Ask for suggestions

If you’re still feeling stuck, why not find out what types of intranet content your employees want to see more of? Open up the floor for suggestions by creating a brief poll or survey to find out what specific content those within the company are interested in. At the same time, don’t forget to track analytics and see what the data shows employees engaging with most frequently.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your intranet content strategy? Need more advice on where to get started? Well, we have the perfect guide for you. We worked with a digital workplace expert, Martyn Perks, to create the ultimate guide to managing intranet content for digital workplace managers and internal communicators. And the best part? It’s free to download!

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