Learn the Building Blocks of Teams Governance with Powell Governance

by Yvonne Harris

Eastech Consulting and Powell Software

Learn the Building Blocks of Teams Governance with Powell Governance

WEBINAR | OCTOBER 8th 2021 | 3.15PM – 4PM (UTC +8)

Presentation in Cantonese | Demo in English

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As employees continue to alternate between telecommuting and working in the office, organizations have had to adapt to facilitate this, or risk being left behind. One of the most useful tools has been the implementation of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular enterprise communication cloud platforms. Users can create Teams easily with colleagues and customers. However, corporates are facing management problems, including team sprawl, inconsistent structures, confusing naming, etc…These issues lead to compliance and security risks, as well as poor user adoptions.

Powell Governance is a breakthrough solution that increases user adoption and streamlines governance for Microsoft Teams. It enhances the user experience by making it easier for users to access and search for the Microsoft Teams to which they belong. Powell Governance offers an intuitive dashboard to filter Teams based on business criteria. It also helps manage the proliferation of Teams.

Join us on October 8th, 2021 to learn about the governance strategies you can implement with Powell Governance and the tools you can use to better manage your teams.

Powell Governance – Your Microsoft Teams App for Better Collaboration & Governance

An ever-increasing number of companies are using Microsoft Teams as a hub for collaboration and communication. As they do so it’s crucial to define and implement a Microsoft Teams management strategy that ensures control without disrupting the user experience.

Powell Governance has helped establish stronger collaboration experiences with fast, controlled processes through a catalog of pre-defined team templates. Our templates allow Microsoft Teams users to instantly collaborate on routine activities, such as RFPs and employee onboarding.

In this 45-minute session, we will discuss how to accelerate the adoption of Microsoft Teams through proper organization and governance. You will learn how to set up teams, implement policies, and finally, we will give you some best practice tips to help you get the most out of this essential tool.

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Webinar Highlights

During this session, our Eastech Consulting and Powell Software experts will discuss:

  • What is Teams Governance?
  • Why is it essential to consider it?
  • Powell Governance Demo

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WEBINAR | OCTOBER 8th 2021 | 3.15PM – 4PM (UTC +8)

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