[On-Demand Webinar] How Opaa! Built an Effective Intranet on SharePoint Online

by Yvonne Harris

In this watch-anytime webinar, we speak to Opaa! Food Management about their intranet journey. From outdated on-premises to SharePoint online and modern experience – Cody Null and Jonathan King talk us through all the steps in between.

With extended support for SharePoint 2013 coming to an end in April 2023, companies are rushing to make the move from on-premises to SharePoint online. But savvy companies are going beyond a simple migration project. Instead, they are taking the opportunity to build an intranet that truly meets the needs of today’s employees.

Opaa! is one such company.

EN - Webinar : Opaa! Building an Effective Intranet

Learn how to build an effective intranet while migrating from SharePoint on-premises to online

Tune into this 15-minute on-demand webinar as Jonathan King, Director of North America at Powell Software, and Cody Null, Information System Administrator at Opaa! discuss Opaas! move to the cloud and the resulting impact on their intranet strategies. Learn how Opaa! utilized Powell Intranet out-of-the-box features to develop and empower teamwork with Microsoft 365.

About Opaa! and their intranet project

Opaa! is a family-owned and operated food management company employing over 3,500 staff in more than 800 schools across the Midwest. Its mission is to provide nourishing meals to school children.

With an increasing number of staff, Opaa! realized their on-premises, email-reliant workflows were not scaling with company growth. It was this realization that spurred their search for a better, scalable, and cloud-based intranet.

When you download the webinar you’ll discover:

  • Challenges the company had with their previous intranet
  • How Opaa! updated their intranet for a better experience on SharePoint Online
  • How they utilized Powell Software to build a better design for their sites
  • The business problems they were able to solve
  • How they see their intranet evolving 

Who is the webinar for?

This webinar is designed for IT professionals or Communications managers wanting to build an effective intranet on SharePoint online.

Who will present this webinar?

Cody Null 

Information System Administrator, responsible for the upkeep of critical information systems, and development of new processes for Opaa!’s technology needs.




Jonathan King

Director for North America at Powell Software. With over 8 years of SaaS and M365 experience, his focus is on partnering with organizations to ensure their digital workplace and analytics projects are successful




How can I watch the webinar?

We’ve made this an on-demand webinar, so you can watch it at a time that suits you. Just fill out the form and get instant access to the recording. It’s that easy.

EN - Webinar : Opaa! Building an Effective Intranet 

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