[On-Demand Webinar] Fireside Chat with Bass Coast Council

by Jordan Washington

Join us with Prometix & Crayon for a transformative webinar on intranets in the hybrid workplace. Acquire strategies to build a thriving intranet, fostering collaboration & productivity between remote & in-office teams. Gain insights from our recent success story with Bass Coast Shire Council.



Your takeaways from this event:


Your takeaways from this event:

✅ Revolutionizing business with an intranet solution

✅ Best practices for governance, security, and monitoring

✅ Insights into the hybrid workplace model benefits

✅ Leveraging intranets for improved communication and productivity

✅ Customizable models based on unique needs

✅ Real-life example of a Prometix-developed intranet

✅ Organizational tips across the project life cycle


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