Webinar: The new tool for Teams Governance & Adoption

by Yvonne Harris

Powell Software & ShareOne discuss Powell Teams

On December 10th 2020 Powell Software and ShareOne explored the world of Microsoft Teams during a 45-minute webinar. This webinar took place live in Dutch. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for upcoming webinars, which we regularly host.

Powell Software is a software provider and we work with partners, like ShareOne, to deliver digital workplace projects to companies around the world.

An Explosion in the Use of Teams since March 2020

Teams has become the go-to collaboration platform for many organizations in recent months. In fact, it’s now so popular, over 115 million people use it daily. The use of Teams has exploded during the pandemic, but many don’t yet realise its full potential. It is an incredibly powerful tool that allows users to do much more than they realise. After getting to grips with the basics, it’s time to understand how to really make the most of this platform.

ShareOne Webinar

Powell Teams: The new tool for Teams Governance & Adoption

This webinar took place live on December 10th 2020 at 11 am CET in Dutch. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for upcoming webinars, which we regularly host.

The Need for Collaboration Solutions

Microsoft Teams is a fantastic tool for promoting collaboration. Over the last few months, Teams has been a godsend for organizations globally. As employees moved to remote work, at first temporarily and now long-term, they needed a way to keep collaborating. Microsoft Teams was an obvious choice, as many organisations wanted to continue using Microsofts secure and trustworthy platforms.

Common Challenges Preventing Optimal Teams Use

Now businesses have been on the Teams journey for several months (longer for some organisations), it has become clear that the use of the tool also presents challenges. Organisations are facing a number of common challenges:

  • There are too many Teams and channels;
  • Teams are not being deleted or archived and so become redundant; (ie no management of the Teams lifecycle)
  • As a result, employees have increasing trouble finding information;
  • End-user experience becomes frustrating;
  • The chance of data leaks is increasing;

Up for Discussion during this Webinar

During this short webinar, Lars Martens and Joris Neven from ShareOne explained how to prevent the above situations with the help of the innovative Powell Teams tool.


  • Why Governance? What is the added value? What are the pitfalls?
  • Automating Teams Governance using Powell Teams;
  • How Powell Teams can also improve user adoption.

Practical information:

When: Thursday, December 10, 2020

Time:  11.00

Webinar duration: + – 45 min

Language: Dutch

About ShareOne

ShareOne is a Microsoft 365 and SharePoint specialist with extensive knowledge and experience in Information Management. SharePoint and Microsoft 365 is what they breathe and their consultants take pleasure in creating solutions based on these products for their customers. Their spectrum of solutions runs from document management, intranet portals, team sites and project sites via digital collaboration.

About Powell Software

Powell Software is a global ISV headquartered in France. Our mission is to connect employees through our suite of digital workplace solutions. We achieve this through Powell 365, which incorporates Powell Intranet and Powell Teams. Powell Teams is the Microsoft Teams app for enhanced end-user experience and improved governance.

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