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Enhanced Collaboration Tools & Teams Governance

Improve the Microsoft Teams experience

Powell Teams improves teamwork in Microsoft Teams to make it a collaboration experience that’s effortless, organized, easy to manage and governed.

Effortless collaboration

Teams efficiency starts with simplicity. Collaborate instantly and effortlessly on your collective and repetitive activities through ready-to-use team spaces.

Teams templates & automation

Teams templates – Powell Teams offers a catalog of ready-to-use and customizable templates to collaborate instantly and effortlessly on repeatable activities like Sales RFPs. Templates are predefined, preconfigured, and preloaded with documents for you.

Automation – Powell Teams make collaboration straightforward and can even get things done for you. Automatically create Teams on receipt of an email or through a specific action triggered in a business application like the CRM.

Teams Templates

Organized teamwork

Don’t get lost in information overload. Simplify navigation, visualization, and search to quickly find what you’re looking for in Microsoft Teams.

Teams Sprawl

Teams dashboard

Find teams & channels – overcome Teams sprawl and a complex display with a smart dashboard. Filter your Teams and navigate easily to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Find information & documents – remove information overload with quick access to the latest information and documents through Team cards and a powerful search engine.

Secured rules & usages

Prevent Teams sprawl and bad habits forming. Monitor Team creation with a ready-to-use approval system and secure your workplace with governance.

Teams governance & management

Governance – all the rules you need to implement are there. Define your strategies and simply apply your policies to secure best practices. Ensure Teams are properly created with an assisted experience for end-users through a framework.

Discover 10 Microsoft Teams Governance best practices every organization should implement



Controlled team creation – Get all created teams approved. Let users create the Teams they need and get them approved by a Powell Admin to overcome Teams sprawl.

Teams Management – More than just governance, Powell Teams allows admins to manage and edit Teams and their information through a dedicated dashboard and advanced reports.

Works with your company intranet

Get direct and quick access to corporate resources and information with your intranet in Teams. Drive more employee engagement.

Powell Intranet

Your intranet in Teams

Bridged Intranet – Take advantage of Microsoft Teams user-centricity and incorporate your company intranet in Teams to better connect employees. Build smart bridges to quickly access corporate resources and information, boosting productivity and engagement.

Learn how Powell Teams supports Powell Intranet for more connected employees
Virtual Coffee Machine

Virtual Coffee Machine – Help employees keep social interactions through a virtual coffee machine that automatically schedules coffee meetings.

AFM Telethon

AFM Téléthon made Teamwork a priority in their Digital Workplace

With a few hundred employees and volunteers collaborating they needed more than just an intranet. Get insights into the project from Karim Guenaneche, Global Administrator Office 365 at AFM Téléthon, as he explains in detail his experience implementing a digital workplace with Powell Software.

Download the success story to learn more about AFM Téléthon’s project.

Download the Success Story

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