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Take Microsoft Teams to the Next Level

Powell Teams is an adoption and governance app that will advance and strengthen your company’s Microsoft Teams usage. Add new features, templatize engaging page designs, build governance and make your Microsoft Teams easy to use for every employee.

Accelerate Adoption

Benefit from an enriched Microsoft Teams experience thanks to a global vision of your teams and activities.

Improve Governance

Control the evolution and growth of your teams thanks to structured models that personalize the Teams experience.

Boost Adoption with Powell Teams

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Enhance Microsoft Teams Features

Powell Teams is a Microsoft Teams add-in to improve the employee experience and boost adoption for companies already using the platform. With Powell Teams, you can ensure employees can collaborate efficiently.

Offer a simplified experience

Integrate a global vision on collaboration

Control growth & ensure a smooth process

Illustration Powell Teams : Microsoft Teams gouvernance et simplification de l'expérience utilisateur

Achieve more 

Microsoft Teams Organization

Introduce structure and clear navigation with Powell Teams design templates and predefined channels.

  • No more searching for information
  • User-friendly controls for a simplified experience
  • Control onboarding and curb duplicated Teams

Control the clutter

Microsoft Teams Management

Maintain order as Teams grow, manage Microsoft Teams from your personalized Powell Teams admin console.

  • At a glance overview of your teams’ activities, documents, channels, and more
Illustration Powell Teams : Microsoft Teams gouvernance et Dashboard
powell teams : Microsoft Teams gourvernance et organisation

Get a grip on governance

Microsoft Teams Governance

Establish a governance plan and support employee adoption.

  • Control Teams infrastructure with integrated approval workflows
  • Optimize employee use with insight reporting and activity tracking
  • Keep Teams clean with synchronized updates and archiving
  • Regulate Teams creation and avoid redundant Teams

Rethink your adoption strategy

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