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Take Microsoft Teams to the Next Level

Too many teams and a lack of organization can leave users lost in a haze of messages and documents. Powell Teams enhances end-user experience with an easy-to-use dashboard and allows IT professionals to secure governance.

Simplify Collaboration

End-users benefit from a structured dashboard to simplify navigation and information visualization. Ready-made and personalized Team templates let users choose the right one for their needs and collaborate instantly.

Keep IT focused

In parallel, IT implements governance automatically with control over Teams creation, life cycle management, and security best practices. No need for users to make a request to the IT department, everything is automated.

Enhance Microsoft Teams Features

Illustration Powell Teams : Microsoft Teams gouvernance et simplification de l'expérience utilisateur

Improved Teamwork

For End-users

Powell Teams enriches the user experience in Microsoft Teams, with a dedicated dashboard and predefined templates.

  • Optimized dashboard for better visualization
  • User-friendly controls for a simplified search experience
  • Pick a ready-to-go Team template that suits your business needs

Teams Governance and Automation

For IT Professionals

Powell Teams provides a structure to keep IT staff and employees focused on what they do best.

  • Team creation approval workflow
  • Teams lifecycle management
  • Naming Convention, Tagging for better search & security
  • Trigger additional automation with PowerApps & Azure Logic Apps
Illustration Powell Teams : Microsoft Teams gouvernance et Dashboard
powell teams : Microsoft Teams gourvernance et organisation

Teams Templates

For Decision Makers

Powell Teams offers ready-to-use and customizable templates to digitalize business processes such as employee onboarding, Sales RFPs, Marketing activities, and more. Businesses can also create their own templates to cover repetitive and time-consuming activities.

  • Predefined channels
  • Preloaded Documents, Office & One-note
  • Ready-to-use apps such as Planner
  • Automatically links to associated intranet pages

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