Webinar: Automating Microsoft Teams creation with API and Powell Teams

by Yvonne Harris

Imagine if Microsoft Teams were automatically created for projects and processes, saving time and enhancing collaboration. With Teams API and Powell Teams, it’s possible. Watch this webinar to learn how you could be enhancing Microsoft Teams creation and leveraging the platform to its full potential, with minimal extra effort.

Recorded: Thursday, February 25th 5pm CET

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Automating Microsoft Teams Creation with API and Powell Teams

Microsoft Teams has established itself as the go-to collaboration platform. It has quickly been adopted by millions of users around the world, doubling its daily active users in less than a year. Its popularity is unsurprising. Teams allows colleagues to come together and work on projects in real-time, even when apart.

While creating a Microsoft Team isn’t too difficult, a lack of time, organization, and knowledge can leave users lost and IT teams faced with complex Team management. If the right governance and best practices are set up from the beginning it becomes a lot easier. Powell Teams, a Microsoft Teams application, helps establish governance best practices allowing users to create Teams within parameters set by IT.

Still, there is more to this platform than Teams creation and we are all looking for ways to simplify day-to-day tasks to save time in our workday.

From Microsoft Teams Templates to Automated Teams Creation

Powell Teams has been helping to establish stronger collaboration experiences with quick and controlled processes through a catalog of predefined Team templates. Our templates allow Microsoft Teams users to collaborate instantly on routine activities, like sales RFPs and employee onboarding.

Now, Powell Teams is going further. Enhanced automation will make these processes even more efficient.

Join us to discover how Powell Teams API can automatically trigger a Team creation on receipt of an email or through an action triggered in a third-party solution such as a CRM. This automated process means that the right Team will be created to make collaborating straightforward. Powell Teams API can be used with multiple engines, starting with Power Automate thanks to our connector : Powell Teams | Microsoft Power Automate.

During this 45 minute webinar, learn how to take collaboration to the next level and get the most out of Microsoft Teams with Powell Teams’ Northbound API technology. Through a demo based on the Sales RFP scenario, you will see how Linda, a sales manager, will be able to collaborate instantly with her team in a dedicated template automatically triggered following the creation of her opportunity in the CRM or at the receipt of a simple email.

Webinar: Automating Microsoft Teams creation with API and Powell Teams

This webinar was hosted by, Matthieu Silbermann, CPO at Powell Software, and Matt Weston, Lead Evangelist and Microsoft MVP.

Thursday, February 25th 5pm CET

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