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Next Level Employee Productivity

Powell Hub is a one-stop productivity service. It’s an all-in-one application where employees can safely access their business apps, corporate documents, and company information in one click from anywhere, on any device! Access the company intranet, Microsoft Teams, or book your desk and time off. Employees have everything in one place.

Combine All Applications in One Place

In one click, access everything you need to work securely and efficiently. You can easily multi-task and still stay focused when required. Juggling between multiple accounts? Enjoy our multi-session feature, for a smooth transition between accounts

Personalize the Digital Employee Experience

Customize your workspace according to your needs. Pick and choose between a collection of business, public and personal apps, to maximize daily operations. If something is missing, customize your own app through a simple drag & drop process. Organize your apps, documents, and other information into files and highlight your favorites with bookmarks. Easily rearrange the platform to your liking and get the best digital experience in line with your habits!

Simple Governance & Access

Capture your organization’s teams, roles, and audiences by targeting specific applications to their workday. Organize business applications by role. Push the right tools to the right employees and hide the apps that aren’t relevant. Admins can add, update, or remove applications and choose who should have access, in just a few clicks.


One place with everything you need and more.

Find information in seconds with all applications easy to access. Stay informed with instant notifications for active apps. Can’t find an app? Create what’s missing.

Integrate your company intranet and drive corporate communications with targeted content to the right people.

Save your favorite pages or locations as bookmarks for effortless access. Group apps for better organization. Easily switch between multiple accounts.

Securely connect in the office or on the move. Make it multilingual, translate your personal dashboard into your chosen language.

Track employee usage to better understand needs and leverage performance.

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