How to Increase Microsoft Teams Adoption in a Hybrid World

by Yvonne Harris

Employees continue to alternate between remote and in-office work, and organizations have had to adapt to facilitate this, or risk being left behind. One of the most helpful tools has been the introduction of Microsoft Teams. In this webinar, we explore how to increase Microsoft Teams adoption for long-term success.

Diving into Microsoft Governance and Adoption


Recorded: Tuesday October 20th 2020

Join our panel from CB Digital and Powell Software as we take a deep dive into the world of Microsoft Teams. In this 45 minute session, we’ll discuss how to speed up the adoption of Teams through proper organization and governance. We will show you how to configure Teams, set up policies, and ultimately provide some tips for best practices to help you make the most of this essential tool.

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What you’ll learn

  • Actionable strategies to set up and optimize teams and templates for your unique needs
  • Common-sense governance policies for managing team creation, including internal and external guest access
  • Proven recommendations for structuring better synchronous and asynchronous communication, file management, and collaboration
  • Effective end-user training and change-management guidance that can drive increased employee adoption—resulting in better communication, collaboration, and productivity

Watch Nowand join the discussion. This interactive session promises to provide practical advice to help increase Microsoft Teams adoption in your organization.

Meet the Speakers

Trace Armstrong – Senior Solutions Architect – CB Digital

Matt Weston – Lead Evangelist & Microsoft MVP – Powell Software

About CB Digital

CB Digital, previously THInc.IT, has been providing world-class technology solutions throughout Central Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic region for over 3 decades. THInc.IT recently expanded under its new parent company, Cherry Bekaert, to now serve the entire Southeast. CB Digital is a Microsoft Gold Partner, certified Nintex Partner, and leading provider of business apps, strategic consulting, and managed services. Their goal is not to sell technologies, but to help organizations understand how technology can be leveraged to improve capabilities to be efficient and effective. CB Digital puts people, processes, and technology at the forefront to find the right solution for your specific needs.

About Powell Software

Powell Software is a global ISV driving digital transformation through our intelligent digital workplace solutions. Our mission is to connect organizations with employees and we achieve this with Powell 365. Our easy to use collaboration, communication, and governance products help customers all over the world realize their digital workplace projects from A to Z with ease. Contact us today to schedule a demo and discuss your project needs with our team:

Powell Intranet: the Office 365 Intranet for Corporate Communications and Employee Engagement.

Powell Teams: the adoption and governance integrated app for Microsoft Teams, to enhance Microsoft Teams with governance for IT and improved usage and adoption for end-users.

Today, Powell Software is present all around the world to get as close as our community as possible, with 10 different offices located in Europe, North America, Australia, Middle-East, Asia, and Africa. Our strong partner network enables us to answer our client needs in the best and most reactive way.

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