Looking to Add a Seasonal Touch to Your Intranet?

by Tamar Asatiani

Easily give your intranet a festive feel with Powell Intranet seasonal themes.

Make your intranet a fun experience

Using the intranet should be a fun and pleasant experience. Changing the mood and design of your intranet can be a great way to bring some novelty to the digital workplace.

At Powell Software, we offer a catalog of seasonal themes for each season. These themes require no customizations or IT skills. They are ready to be used –  available directly from the settings menu in the header. Powell Intranet offers you a lit of default themes and a gallery of seasonal themes.

You can find an exciting theme for every season and holiday. For example, we prepared a Halloween theme with autumn details and fun images of pumpkins and witches for the Halloween holiday. These themes add more fun to the intranet experience. In winter, you can bring the Christmas spirit to your intranet with a Christmas theme. The great thing is that you can easily jump from one theme to another with Powell Intranet.

Send us your themes, and we’ll create them for you!

Not to limit our users to the seasonal themes we have designed, we also offer them the possibility to send us ideas for seasonal themes they would like to include in their intranet.


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