Connect Employees in the Digital Workplace

Meet the challenges of hybrid working with a digital workplace platform that empowers employee engagement, communication, and collaboration.

Better Communication, Engaged Employees

Inform, connect and engage employees with a modern company intranet designed for corporate communication success. Powell Intranet is attractive for employees, simple to deploy for IT, and intuitive for HR and Comms. A company intranet, as part of your digital workplace solution, is the place people go to access information and create a sense of belonging.



Enhanced Collaboration, Teamwork Culture

Foster a successful teamwork culture by incorporating your collaboration tools, like Microsoft Teams, into your digital workplace platform. Improve the Teams employee experience with a framework to easily manage Microsoft Teams governance. Help employees work collaboratively on projects with ready-to-go templates. Powell Governance helps IT gain control while improving employee usage and adoption.


Efficient Together, Streamlined Processes

Create a connected digital workplace experience where employees can do everything. Bring your company intranet and Microsoft Teams together, for a streamlined experience, and integrate your most-used business apps. No more time wasted switching between apps. Digitize and streamline daily tasks and repetitive activities through scalable and ready-to-use templates across your intranet and Microsoft Teams.

Discover the Digital Workplace

Hybrid Work Ready, Inclusive

Powell Software’s digital workplace solutions are hybrid work-ready. Give employees access to information whether they’re on the field, working remotely, or in-office, with a mobile app. Engaging features help employees to work smarter and remain productive from anywhere. Truly connect and involve every employee in your organization’s culture and goals.

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Become a Digital Workplace Expert

Interested in learning more about improving communication and collaboration in your business? Powell Software has you covered with downloadable resources, like whitepapers and case studies, and our always up-to-date blog.

RSL LifeCare Success Story

With the help of Powell Software and partner Synergy, RSL LifeCare made the move to a sophisticated digital workplace accessible to those on the field or in the office.


The guide to preparing your team for remote work success

With the move to remote work becoming permanent for many, make work from home a successful strategy for your business.



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