[On Demand] How Has the Pandemic Changed Recruitment?

by Yvonne Harris

Tune into this on-demand short webinar and learn from Powell Software’s own HR Manager, Marine Fournier, how recruitment has changed since the pandemic.

In this replay from the New Normal Summit by Powell Software, we learn about the changing needs of job seekers and the new priorities of talent in 2022.

Marine Fournier, International Head of HR at Powell Software, discusses the changes she’s seen brought about by the pandemic. Marine explains how recruitment has changed, from virtual interviews to the changing demands and needs of new recruits. Talent is looking for employers that match their values and offer more freedom.

Tune into this on-demand session and learn how to retain and attract talent in the modern workplace.

Watch on-demand

Marine Fournier, Powell Software

Marine Fournier is an International HR Manager at Powell Software, a leading provider of digital workplace solutions to connect employees in the hybrid workplace. Marine is responsible for growing the team of Powell Players from under 50 to over 80 in less than two years.

To see open roles at Powell Software check out our profile on Welcome to the Jungle.

Marine Fournier

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