Elevating knowledge management and process execution with advanced AI

by Matthieu Silbermann

Can AI help employees navigate corporate information without getting lost in digital labyrinths? How can businesses ensure efficiency and accuracy in retrieving data? Powell Intranet AI-powered assistant might have the answers. It transforms information retrieval, enhances content creation, and guides everyday enterprise processes, promising a new way to boost productivity. What does this mean for the future of business operations in a digital-first world?

The challenge: Navigating the maze of corporate information


Employees often find themselves in a constant battle against the rising tide of information. The challenge? Pinpointing the exact piece of data, they need without getting lost in a labyrinth of folders and intranet pages. This isn’t just about the frustration of clicking through folder after folder; it’s about the real cost to businesses when their teams can’t find answers or information efficiently.

The quest for quick, accurate information spans across all corners of an organization. From HR departments fielding questions about benefits and days off to IT teams dealing with requests and incidents and sales and marketing teams seeking the latest product details. The traditional methods of storing and accessing this information—intranet silos and digital file systems—can’t keep up with the pace of today’s business needs.


How intranets & Microsoft 365 shape our knowledge landscape


At the same time, intranets and Microsoft 365 have become the backbone of organizational knowledge, each serving distinct yet complementary roles. Intranets act as centralized sources of truth, offering up-to-date policies, processes, and essential information. Microsoft 365, on the other hand, is where collaboration comes to life, with tools like SharePoint and Teams enabling a dynamic exchange of documents and ideas. Powell Intranet bridges these worlds, integrating them seamlessly to enhance accessibility and maintain information coherence. At its core, Powell Intranet’s robust architecture supports everything from company news to HR resources, evolving the intranet from a static repository to an intelligent platform that responds intuitively to employee queries, making finding and using information simpler and more efficient.

This is where the need for a transformation becomes apparent and where AI can unlock the situation.


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The solution: Enhancing information retrieval with AI


With its advanced capabilities, Powell Intranets AI assistant, Powell Buddy, now functions as a sophisticated bot, providing answers to employee queries.

It draws information from enterprise sources specified by business stakeholders, ensuring accuracy and relevance.

This development spans critical business domains, including HR, IT, and Business. Powell Buddy enhances efficiency and decision-making across organizations by delivering precise, governed information tailored to queries.

IT Policies


Additionally, Powell Buddy is accessible through Powell Apps, enabling every employee, including frontline workers without a Microsoft license, to connect with their intranet exclusively via mobile, ensuring comprehensive accessibility across the workforce.




Empowering every employee through revolutionary content creation


Beyond aiding intranet contributors with business content, Powell Buddy now extends its content creation capabilities to all employees.

It facilitates crafting diverse content forms like emails, memos, and LinkedIn posts. This advancement is powered by a multilingual bot that is adaptable in tone, style, and complexity to match user needs and deeply comprehend your products’ unique features.

A prime application in marketing employee advocacy campaigns enables employees to create personalized posts based on unified product information, thus promoting a cohesive yet diverse marketing narrative.


Support Bot


Advancing day-to-day enterprise process execution


Powell Buddy advances into a comprehensive assistant, advising on optimal decisions for specific company processes.

For example, it can guide marketing teams on the procedural specifics for launching new campaigns based on the company’s marketing policies. This capability assures compliance and optimizes workflow through actionable, policy-informed advice.


Decision Support Bot


The bottom line: An AI bot unique to your organization


Powell Intranet AI assistant bot stands out with distinctive benefits:

  • Governed Information Sources: Contrary to solutions that scan company data indiscriminately, Powell Buddy uses knowledge bases specifically designated by business leaders, enhancing response and content creation precision and security.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Featuring a pay-as-you-go approach, ensuring accessibility for occasional users with a remarkable ROI ratio.
  • Security: Safeguarded within Microsoft 365 enterprise tenants and utilizing private versions of Large Language Models like Azure OpenAI and Azure Search.
  • Customization and Flexibility: The bots are fully brandable with company logos and can be tailored to specific use cases. They’re audience-specific and capable of serving designated user groups with deployment options, including integration as a pop-up window within the intranet, incorporation into existing intranet pages, a Mobile app, or a standalone browser application.


Looking ahead: the future of Powell Intranet AI assistant bot


As we forge ahead, Powell Software is dedicated to expanding Powell Buddy’s functionalities. Anticipated advancements include integrating more Large Language Models like Mistral and Claude, broadening to new information sources (websites and third-party applications), and introducing comprehensive governance and AI service management features. These forthcoming enhancements will solidify Powell Buddy’s position as an invaluable tool for organizations striving for digital excellence.

Powell Buddy is available as an add-on to the standard Powell Intranet license. It is now in Public Preview for all existing customers, partners, and prospects of Powell Intranet, offering an early glimpse into its transformative capabilities.

Powell Software is committed to developing innovative solutions that empower businesses to fully leverage their knowledge and resources. With Powell Buddy leading the way, we envision a brighter, more interconnected, and more efficient workplace for all.


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