Putting Partnerships First: Powell Software’s Edouard Payenneville Talks Partner-Focused Success with Allbound

by Yvonne Harris

Edouard Payenneville, Chief Sales Officer at Powell Software, sat down with Tori Barlow of Allbound to discuss the importance of a strong partner network.

At Powell Software, our partners are key to delivering the best customer experience for our client projects globally. By working with a PRM (Partner Relationship Management) like Allbound, we can provide partners with everything they need to provide first-class services. What does that look like? Certifications, training, and so much more. So, we were delighted that Allbound invited our CSO, Edouard Payenneville, to sit down and share our learnings.

In this episode, Tori and Edouard explore Powell Software’s unique approach to generating revenue. With 100% of our revenue coming from partners, Powell Software is a prime example of how putting partnerships first can lead to success.


Powell Software’s Partner-Focused Network

Our success starts with our partner-focused network. We recognize the value that partnerships bring and have dedicated resources to ensure partners are fully supported. That’s why we have taken steps to enable our partners to be resources for their customers. This includes providing training and support to help partners understand our products and services.

“Everything was built to give autonomy and independence to our partner ecosystem.” Edouard Payenneville


Enabling Partners to be Resources

By enabling partners to be resources, we have created a win-win situation. Partners are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively sell and support Powell Software products, while customers benefit from the expertise of trusted partners. This approach helps us build strong relationships between our team, partners, and customers.


Scaling with Partners through CSM Activities

Through customer success management (CSM) activities, we work with partners to understand customers’ needs and challenges. This helps us identify areas where we can support partners and improve products and services.

Learn more by tuning into the Allbound Partner Channel Podcast.



Our partner-first approach is a great example of how putting partners first can lead to success. By enabling partners to be resources, supporting them through CSM activities, and utilizing our network to scale our business globally, Powell Software has been able to generate 100% of our revenue from partners. This is a testament to the power of strong partnerships and the benefits they can bring to businesses.

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