The Modern Intranet: A Gateway to Connection And Collaboration 

by Esther Daga

Webinar Present by SlaterHill & Powell Software

Over the last few years, Slater Hill has searched for a modern intranet product that would deliver a quality intranet solution. After investigating several intranet-in-a-box products, they found that Powell365 from Powell Software was a clear winner with definitive advantages.

Webinar Recap

If you miss our webinar on the modern intranet, you can still watch the webinar recap video!
In this webinar we are focusing on three main topics:

  1. What is the modern intranet?
  2. How to use a modern intranet for better communications?
  3. Why should you build employee connections with an intranet?

We will also provide a short demo Slater Hill’s company intranet, which is built on top of the SharePoint Modern experience.

Watch the video recap now!

About Slater Hill

Slater Hill is a Powell Software partner company who is co-presenting this webinar. They are a consulting firm based out of Toronto, Canada. The company specializes in SharePoint solutions, but they also have expertise in a plethora of technologies kind of spread across the board from mobile applications custom development to solutions based on Microsoft technologies.

“Our main focus is really to engage build effective interim ads and solutions. We like to focus on maximizing value and user adoption. That’s kind of our main concern and one of the reasons we decided to partner with Powell Software because we felt like that gave us a really good advantage in terms of the value of adoption.”

Why Slate Hill Chose Powell 365

Slater Hill chose to partner with Powell Software a little while ago when looking at the intranet-in-a-box idea. “For us, Powell 365 was a kind of a clear winner in terms that it had something behind it. A powerful tool like Powell Manager is something that we didn’t find with any competitor.” With Powell Manager we could design, build, and manage templates without any construction, without building any custom code. Slater Hill felt like the branding capabilities were perfect for the type of projects that they were involved in, everything from the layout builders and widgets and navigation. “It’s all kind of drag and drop customization configuration more so than a custom development effort.”

There is a really good integration between the Office 365 applications. Overall a company can streamline content creation which for Slater Hill made Powell 365 a clear winner. “We felt that it improved SharePoint Online, and overall I think it was kind of an open platform. We weren’t restricted in the ways that we would develop new solutions or augment any intranet or any solution global government power. This is a key point to why we chose to implement and partner with Powell Software.

Traditional vs Modern Intranet

We want to push companies to move towards a digital workplace. You can take everything that you can do within the traditional intranet take it to the next level thanks to the modern technological advances. The modern intranet is a one-stop where you can go, log in and get all the information that you want off of your office 365 environment.

A modern intranet includes:

  • Fully responsive design with multi-device access
    personalization on every page
  • incorporated social networking and instant messaging
  • Access to any of the Office 365 tools, to be built into your intranet and not just linked to it.
  • A native app

The Look and Feel

We found that with a lot of customers they want to have a brand that represents them. We aren’t talking about just a logo or an icon. But more importantly, to have a real look and feel that includes dedicated color schemes that will reflect what the organization and its values. Thanks to the flexibility of Powell Software products, our clients can create a fully personalized experience and at the same time, not reinvent the wheel spending a lot of time on development. We prefer focusing on the value of a modern intranet to employees and get them a finished product as soon as possible.

Creating a different field look and feel, which is a different theme, can drive adoption and engagement. Something that is more visually appealing brings a charm to day-to-day operations. This approach helps employees build a connection with the company culture. Also changing the design of an office 365 feature can ensure employee usage, whether they realize they are interacting with Office 365 or not. We like the approach of integration here and the ability that we have to consume the Office 365 applications from one place without being bounced around from place to place.

There are a few ways to play with look and feel:

  • Change top navigation coloring
  • Have a different logo
  • Align different color schemes for departments
  • Use different backgrounds for each office location
  • Make template have rounded or squared edges

The options could be endless. Powell Software can help you stay within the lines by reusing our out-of-the-box templates. We can take a SharePoint site with the Office 365 ribbon at the top and turn it into an attractive modern intranet. We take something fairly familiar and add powerful features, attractive design elements, and intuitive widgets -all of which are configured and deployed on top of a normal Office 365 site.

The Modern Intranet

Powell365 is a modern intranet solution built to make the most out of your Office365 investment. Powell365 is best suited for companies looking to get more out of Office 365. It is a place where you can integrate all the Office 365 applications. It includes deployment to an on-premises environment or an online portal.

Powell 365

Powell 365 is very easy to implement launch and quick setup time. You can customize it and even do some custom coding, but you certainly don’t have to. Most of what you’ll see in the webinar demo was done out of the box, drag, and drop, with little or no coding. Our product has a simple, clear interface and fully responsive design. We also have a native app for Android and Apple devices.

In today’s workplace, any intranet must be interactive, visually appealing, and easy to manage. However, building a modern intranet from scratch can be costly, time-consuming and can come with hidden costs and delays. This is where Powell365 stands out as the best solution because it gives you all the tools needed to build without any development.

Powell Manager

Powell Software provides a design and governance platform called Powell Manager that helps you manage the evolution of your intranet portal. We can promise a simple implementation approach cuts deployment time. We like to say we can get a portal up and running for a 5000 employee company within about 60 days. That’s 60 days from construction to integration to content management launch and evolution. It’s a very fast and painless deployment. In a nutshell, Powell 365 enables you to cut your office 365 implementation time and costs. A regular custom build solution would take four times as long from conception to launch.

Powell365 is driven by state-of-the-art technology allowing you to easily and quickly streamline all your deployments. Powell Manager gives you two build options. Our clients can choose to use out-of-the-box intranet pages or create custom work like SPFX Web parts, Add-ins, and/or custom HTML5 customizations. Still, whether custom or out-of-the-box, all your content is stored in Office365 or SharePoint On-Premises.

Feel free to send us your questions in line with the webinar. We can always set up a private demo of either of the Powell Software products mentioned above. For more information about Powell 365, contact Slater Hill:

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