Webinar: In discussion with Susan Hanley, Microsoft MVP

by Yvonne Harris

Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool, used daily by over 115 million users. With its features extending far beyond the obvious messaging and video calls, it’s no surprise users have widely embraced the technology. Employees are now easily creating Teams and channels for every project. However, without the right Microsoft Teams governance, freedom of use can cause problems for IT.

Catch up on this webinar with Powell Software and Susan Hanley, an expert in Teams governance. Susan will present the building blocks of Microsoft Teams governance so IT knows the steps to secure the Teams environment.

Webinar recorded  May 6th 2021


Learn the Essential Microsoft Teams Governance Building Blocks

Introducing new technology in an organization often comes with a fear that people won’t adopt it. A mix of resistance to change, combined with differing levels of digital dexterity can leave users hesitant to make the switch. On the opposite side, mass adoption with unlimited use can mean high adoption initially and then decline in use as the tool becomes chaotic.

Too many duplicate, redundant and empty Teams create an unorganized and hectic Teams environment. Suddenly the technology designed for simple collaboration becomes difficult to navigate and employees waste time finding information.

The secret to a controlled Teams environment is proper Teams governance. This is a task that often falls to IT and can seem daunting when there’s no guidance. Susan Hanley, Microsoft MVP, has a tried and tested formula for building a governance plan that works. With this guidance, your IT team will have a clear path to implementing Teams security and control.


Simplified and Enhanced Teams Usage

During this webinar Powell Software also discusses how Teams governance tools can simplify things further, allowing company-wide implementation of rules and processes. Anthony McGinnis, Senior Solutions Engineer for Powell Software North America, explores how IT can implement best practices easily with Powell Teams.

If you’re struggling to control the Teams environment for employees, this webinar will equip you with the information and tools you need.

Webinar recorded  May 6th 2021


About Susan Hanley

Susan Hanley has over 30 years of experience as a technology consultant.

A leading voice in the Microsoft universe, Susan is a specialist in the design, development, and implementation of successful collaboration and knowledge management solutions.

About Powell Software

Powell Software is a global innovator in digital workplace solutions for the hybrid work world. We provide communication, collaboration, and governance tools needed for an inclusive and engaged workforce.

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