[On-Demand Webinar] Drowning in Teams? The Lifecycle Management Dashboard helps you reduce by 80% your Admin tasks

by Emily Houssier

IT professionals have been asking us about how to manage governance in Microsoft Teams. Here are the details on what’s coming and when you can expect it to arrive, including the tools and capabilities that you need to take advantage of this functionality.

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Drowning in Teams? The Lifecycle Management Dashboard helps you reduce by 80% your Admin tasks




With more than 270 million users and helped by a favorable context – Microsoft Teams has quickly become the daily hub of Microsoft 365 users.

However, its success is a double-edged sword. If the tool is adopted, more teams are created, causing severe and legitimate questions among IT teams: Teams sprawl, control and security concerns, or even the life cycle management over time. But also among users: disorganization, counter-productivity, or lack of knowledge.

The workload of IT teams is growing day by day, becoming a real problem and the governance of Microsoft Teams a real challenge – requiring administrators to monitor their environment, contact team owners, and respond to an ever-growing number of tickets regularly.

Powell Governance helps IT teams reduce the number of existing Teams by three and reduce the time spent by an administrator by 80%, thanks to its governance and automation features. Equipped with a new Administrator Dashboard – monitoring and controlling your environment has never been easier.

Join and discover the Powell Governance Dashboard during this webinar.



Meet our Speakers

Julien Roland, Product Marketing Manager at Powell Software

Anthony McGinnis, Senior Pre-Sales at Powell Software


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