[On Demand] In Discussion with Henry Peyret, Co-Founder Wassati

by Yvonne Harris

Tune into this on-demand short webinar as we talk to Wassati co-founder Henry Peyret about company values and ‘purpose-washing’.

In this replay from the New Normal Summit by Powell Software, we learn about the need for authenticity and what’s important to young job-seekers.

Is it enough to talk about company values? Henry Peyret, Co-Founder of Wassati, discusses how to avoid ‘purpose-washing’ and the need for authenticity and transparency in company values. He also dives into the Great- Resignation and the desire for younger people to find meaning in their job.

Tune into this on-demand session and learn how important company values are in the era of the big quit.


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Henry Peyret, Wassati

Henry Peyret is the co-founder of Wassati, a provider of data and AI solutions to build and support enterprises engagement policies. Wassati helps brands under consumers’ values and how brands can address them.

Henry Peyret

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