[On Demand] How Large Organizations Made the Move to Remote Working

by Yvonne Harris

Tune into this on-demand short webinar and discover how a large organization like AXA coped with the Covid-19 lockdowns, and the long-term changes they have since implemented.

In this replay from the New Normal Summit by Powell Software, Denis Duverne, non-executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of AXA discusses how a global business like AXA moved to hybrid working during the pandemic.

Mr. Duverne talks to host Tony Todd about how employees at AXA made the move to remote. They also explore how their work practices changed as a result. Denis Duverne discusses how AXA managed the move to hybrid working, ensuring employee interactions could continue and staff morale maintained, even remotely.

Tune into this on-demand session and learn how to make the move to remote work a success.

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Denis Duverne, AXA

Denis Duverne is Chairman of the Board of Directors of AXA. A graduate of the École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC), Mr. Duverne started his career in 1979 at the Tax Department of the French Ministry of Finance. First joining AXA in 1995, Mr. Duverne has been in his current role as non-executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of AXA since September 2016.

Denis Duverne

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