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We help you meet the challenges of the hybrid workplace so that employees can be productive whether they work remotely, in-office, or on the field.

Be Hybrid Work Ready

Employees can now work from anywhere – remote, in-office, or on the field. Yet, to thrive in the hybrid workplace, organizations need to ensure everyone is connected, engaged, and productive. You’ll also want to maintain social links and build a company culture to create a sense of belonging. The solution? A flexible digital workplace platform accessible to everyone from their desktop and mobile.



Connect & Engage Employees

Remote workers need a way to connect with colleagues, work on projects, and share social moments. Powell Softwares digital workplace solutions respond to your hybrid work needs: easy access to necessary information and applications employees are familiar with and enjoy using, internal and external communication tools, and friendly, open spaces where people can share with colleagues, no matter where they are.

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Boost Remote Productivity

Ensure high productivity no matter where employees are based.  Remote employees need instant access to information, and to communicate with their colleagues as easily as if they were sitting next to them. With Powell Software users can easily create online work and collaboration spaces that are adapted to all communication situations. These spaces give employees instant access to the information they need, to discussion groups, and applications, they are familiar with and enjoy using.

Hybrid Work Productivity

Promote an Inclusive Culture

Give every employee access to knowledge while promoting company culture. The inclusion of each and every employee in a common vision is the bedrock of all future growth. Create a digital employee experience accessible to both in-office and remote workers. Provide hybrid workers with the information they need. Create a sense of belonging to an inclusive company culture.

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Become a Hybrid Work Expert

Interested in learning more about making remote work for your business? Powell Software has you covered with downloadable resources, like whitepapers and case studies, and our always up-to-date blog.

AFM Téléthon Success Story

Discover how AFM Téléthon connected their few hundred employees and volunteers with a complete digital workplace allowing collaboration and connection.

Download the case study

The guide to preparing your team for remote work success

With the move to remote work becoming permanent for many, make work from home a successful strategy for your business.

Download the guide


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March 31st, 2021

It wasn’t long ago that remote working was seen as a novelty. A lucky few were able to take advantage of work-from-home perks, but only if they had a remote job. Even pre-pandemic, the number of people working from home was steadily increasing at a rate of 10% per year over the past decade.  ...


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December 4th, 2020

Employee mental and physical wellbeing have long been priorities for HR and managers. Now with most jobs relying on technology, employers are navigating how to also ensure digital wellbeing especially among employees who spend their days on computers. The digital workplace, designed to improve emplo...

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