SteelWave teamed with Powell Software to develop a new digital workplace.

by Esther Daga

This is the story of how SteelWave successfully realized its goal to install a digital workplace that acted as the central tool for their employees to work within.

When real estate management firm SteelWave rebranded in April of 2015, the decision was made to implement an employee intranet. Their goal was to establish a digital workplace that would improve their internal communications and reflect the forward-thinking, progressive mindset that the organization had developed. With offices located around the country and most of their employees out in the field, SteelWave also needed to move away from a file server/shared folders system to a cloud network allowing for more convenient connectivity and access.


  • SteelWave went from not utilizing SharePoint whatsoever, to housing their entire company infrastructure on SharePoint Online
  • Employees in the field and employees working remotely are able to do their jobs more effectively and conveniently
  • Communication and awareness regarding company news and events has improved greatly
  • There is now a general sense of connectedness from office to office across the country
  • Productivity has increased for all users as everyone can now access company resources much easier


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