Scariest Intranet Mistakes

by Esther Daga

Avoid these common intranet mistakes & you might just make it out alive!

Putting together a digital workplace can sometimes be a frightening task. The transition doesn’t always follow the bright yellow brick road but rather a long winding path in a dark wooded area. Every step along the way something might jump out and scare you. The IT department never knows what is lurking in the dark depths of your old ghostly intranet, sitting, waiting for the moment to strike! But have no fear! Powell 365 is here to help you overcome these scary challenges.

In honor of Halloween, we are going to walk you through seven horrifying intranet mistakes that will leave your employees lost in the unknown. We’ve also debunked the mystery behind these mistakes and have a few tips on how to avoid them.


Don’t go in blind

Most companies either don’t apply their intranet strategy or don’t have an intranet strategy at all. The thought is bone chilling. Knowing the future of the intranet isn’t something a fortune teller can see in a magic crystal ball. It is better to have a mission and a vision before walking into unknown territory. Have an intranet strategy that fits into the overall corporate strategy. Set up some project goals, both long term and short term. Think through the intranet governance and then apply it. There is no way your intranet can die if you don’t go into the project blind.


Pay attention to design

The intranet doesn’t have to look like something out of a horror film. The overall design is a very important aspect. The more compelling design theme is, the more interactive and engaging it will become. Employees should not be running away screaming when they see it. Don’t let your intranet get covered in cobwebs or allow a fog to cover it. It should be attractive and visually appealing to draw end users in. However, it must also be clear and simple to use to keep employees coming back.


Provide a seamless experience

Are some parts of your digital workplace missing or are they just too old to keep functioning? Don’t think of your intranet like Frankenstein’s monster. Not everything should be brought back from the dead sewn together. The digital workplace should be seamless. There should be a consistent branding and theme throughout that reflects company culture accurately. Every page, subsite and library should be sleek in line with the branding. The digital workplace should not be a haunting experience but rather a unified one.


Experiment a little

It’s hard not to feel spooked out when you hear about some strange new technology out there. Everyday there are new technologies making headlines. We are constantly finding ways to make the intranet better. Why not test some out? Experiment with the different available options and see which tools work best for employees. We wouldn’t go as far as doing mad scientist experiences. We are not trying to create a portal for evil entities.  But the intranet doesn’t have to be conventional.


Be dynamic

The digital workplace isn’t just another website. This is the internal digital hub of a company where all employees go each day to communicate, collaborate and be productive. Don’t let it turn into another zombie site. Make sure it has a dynamic and interactive design that evolves with the company. With the way the workforce is today, it must be mobile responsive and be an anywhere and on any device, kind of tool. The intranet should support employees with a strong information architecture and real wireframes. This way even in the scariest of moments, end users can access the right information when and where they want it.


Get everyone involved

If you hear a something go bump in the night, would you go take care of it alone? Contrary to most horror movie plots, building a digital workplace is something that should involve the audience. Always listen to user suggestions and concerns. This will ensure that the provided tools are effective and dynamic. Plus, users are more likely to use something they’ve helped create. Business department interviews, focus groups and user surveys are just a few ways to keep everyone involved.


Don’t be afraid to get outside help

The intranet has captivated companies for a decade because of how powerful it can be. Like a Ouija board, you never really know when things get out of hand. Summoning help from the beyond is a good tactic to make sure you get everything you want out of the experience. The idea of hiring an outside consultant might send shivers down your spine, but it shouldn’t. There are several benefits to hiring an outside consultant such as intranet specific expertise, best practice knoweldge and a non-partisan opinion helps make good decisions.

Let us help you escape the horrors of building a digital workplace. The Powell 365 Digital Workplace solutions makes it simple by removing all the scary parts for you! Get in touch with us to learn more!


Happy Halloween!

And remember:

  1. Know your goals
  2. Design is important
  3. Provide a seamless experience
  4. Experiment with new tools
  5. Be dynamic
  6. Involve the audience
  7. Don’t be afraid of outside help

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