GlassWater Technology Company and Powell Software Launch Reseller Partnership

by Esther Daga

Powell 365 digital workplace solution to relieve critical business and IT challenges for GlassWater Technology Customers

GlassWater Technology Company, a leading information technology company, and Powell Software, a global leader in ready-to-use collaboration software solutions, today announced a national reseller partnership. The partnership brings together Powell Software’s leading-edge technology, Powell 365, and GlassWater’s market expertise to develop innovative and personalized customer experiences.

Powell 365 is an intranet software that provides a no-code approach to SharePoint solutions. In as little as two weeks, a company can completely customize the user experience of their own branded intranet portal to relieve employees of painful day to day operations and withstand tedious IT interfaces. “We welcome GlassWater into the Powell 365 Partner Program,” said Antoine Faisandier, CEO of Powell Software.

Through this partnership, the two companies simplify the digital transformation process by creating a single window into the Microsoft Office 365 digital workplace. GlassWater crafted an innovative approach that helps clients leverage Microsoft Office 365 features through a customized Powell 365 digital workplace. The intranet portal presents a simple way to build a secure and cost effective digital workplace in record time.

Not only will this approach allow for an improved user-friendly experience, it will also increase the clients overall Office 365 usages and in turn their return on investment.  “We have seen unprecedented growth in our client’s SharePoint adoption and usage after deploying Powell 365. What was once a glorified file store is now a true collaboration environment used by every employee,” state Aashish Warty, Principal Cloud Architect at GlassWater.

“GlassWater was founded on the premise to delivering the most valuable software solutions to their customers and topnotch professional services to implement them,” continued Faisandier. “This is in perfect alignment with Powell 365 strategy and after a first successful customer project together. We are set for a promising year 2018 together!”

GlassWater Technology Company:

GlassWater was founded on the premise that there are enterprises and governments with the desire or mandate to adopt the Microsoft cloud into their overall IT landscape but lack the experience or situational awareness to execute. Additionally, there are a multitude of emerging software providers that have compelling technology that would be beneficial to these customers but they lack the sales and business development wherewithal to reach their prime markets. We aim to bring these two ecosystems together, to eliminate the turbulence associated with cloud adoption, and lead your organization to calm waters. For more information visit:

About Powell Software:

Powell Software was founded in 2015 by Expertime Group, a Microsoft platform expert. Based in France and the United States, Powell Software drives digital transformation by offering Powell 365, an integrated digital workplace solution that transforms the user experience and boosts communication, collaboration and business productivity. Behind each Powell 365 portal is the WSYWYG designer, Powell Manager that configures compelling digital workplaces based on Office 365 and SharePoint. For more information about Powell 365 or Powell Manager, please visit our website:

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