Who Benefits the Most from an Office 365 Intranet?

by Esther Daga

Once a company implements an Office 365 intranet like Powell 365, employees have everything they need to get their work done at the click of a button. An intranet is built to benefit all employees. While many assume that someone in a HR or communications role will have the greatest advantage thanks to a collaborative intranet – that is not always the case. It is hard to tell who will benefit the most from an intranet as different roles are affected in different ways. Here are a few distinct office personalities that are likely to gain the most from an intranet like Powell 365:

The Email Addict

There is always someone who sends out tons of emails. It could be any kind of relevant information such as a lost set of keys or an important project update. However, putting the entire company in copy is not always the best option. Keeping everyone in the loop via email, clogs up staff inboxes and isn’t always the best platform for communication. An intranet is the best place to keep staff updated and informed. Every department has its own space keeping communication tied to those who need it most and not in your email inbox. So, the over-communicator has serval new options, other an email to connect with co-workers.

The Head Honcho

The head honcho can’t fix a problem if they don’t know it exists. With a collaborative intranet, all company information circulates from top-down, sideways, diagonally and from the bottom up. Those at the top level get a more intimate view into their company on goings. A modern intranet allows company execs to invest in their employees with the highest kind of ROI, a valued workforce. Company news and information trickles down and back up with the latest collaboration tools built within an intranet. There are tools like internal surveys which get employees opinions on current campaigns to top management. As well as an internal live chat where important questions can be asked and then answered instantly from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The modern intranet keeps everyone informed on all levels.

The New Guy

A new employee gets the warmest welcome from the entire company thanks to the Office 365 intranet portal. All important company information can easily be found on the intranet. How to guides, the office map, key contacts and team member names plus online e-learning training sessions are all accessible as soon as the new guy sits down to start work on their first day. The Intranet plugs into the company culture letting a new hire feel right at home. Seeing a welcome post with the person’s name and picture, along with their new role and some fun facts about them makes a newbie feel special and a part of the team.

The Remote Worker

Today, a normal workday schedule is no longer: come to the office at 9am and leave 5pm. Employees can constantly be on the go; checking emails from the train, having a meeting with a client on the other side of the city, holding a presentation from home.  But without the technological support needed to keep up with the modern workday, it can be hard to manage. With a responsive intranet you can be connected on any device, anywhere and at any time. This allows remote workers to access favorite documents, push relevant project information on to coworkers, stay up to date on company news and projects, even share videos with a simple click even if they are not at the office.


Benefit from an Office 365 Intranet

An intranet is the modern centerpiece of internal corporate communications. These are just a few examples of office personas who can greatly benefit from an intranet. However, this technology is built to benefit all employees. Imagine how it could positively affect your employees on the job day to day. If you would like to learn more about a collaborative Office 365 intranet, check out Powell 365! Get a demo today!

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