Introducing Powell Software’s New OrgChart Web Part: Enhance Your Company’s Structure Understanding

by Matthieu Silbermann

The article discusses the OrgChart Web Part for Powell Intranet, a tool designed to improve navigation and understanding of an organization’s structure. It addresses the issue of workplace confusion and inefficiency by providing a clear, interactive view of the company’s hierarchy.

Understanding the Problem

Navigating an organization’s complex structure can be challenging, leading to confusion and inefficiency in the workplace. Our latest solution, the OrgChart Web Part for Powell Intranet, addresses this issue by providing a clear, interactive view of your company’s hierarchy. 

Benefits for Employees and Organizations 

For Employees: 

  • Clear Understanding of Organizational Structure: This tool offers employees a transparent view of where they fit within the company, promoting a sense of belonging and connection. 
  • Effortless Search and Navigation: Easily search for colleagues or departments, enhancing communication and collaboration. 

For Organizations: 

  • Improved Decision-Making: A comprehensive view of the organizational structure leads to better-informed decisions. 
  • Real-Time Structure Updates: The tool adapts to organizational changes, ensuring the displayed structure is always current. 


 Feature Capabilities 

  • Global Organizational View: Display up to four levels of the organization, starting from the connected user or another specific individual. 
  • Search and Highlight Function: Find and highlight individuals or departments within the chart. 
  • Interactive Chart Navigation: Zoom in and out for a detailed or broad view of the organizational structure. 
  • Flexible Team Views: Expand or collapse teams to understand their specific makeup and roles. 


Suggested Screenshots 




Next Steps

The OrgChart Web Part is designed to simplify understanding your organization’s structure, fostering a more connected and efficient workplace. By bridging the gap between individual employees and the broader organizational context, we aim to enhance workplace cohesion and clarity.

Interested in seeing how the OrgChart Web Part can transform your organization’s intranet experience?

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