Put the Digital Workplace at the Heart of Your Company this Valentine’s Day!

by Esther Daga

Re-ignite the spark with the Powell 365 Digital Workplace!

Feel the love this February and give your employees a Digital Workplace for Valentine’s day! Forget about chocolate and flowers. Take it to the next level and make their work day easier than ever! Powell 365 is here to help you offer something sentimental and build a stronger relationship with employees via a communication and collaboration intranet. Here are five ways Powell 365 is the best digital workplace to put at the heart of your company this Valentine’s day.

#1 Seduce your employees with Office 365

Take a different approach to your Office 365 license. Hand pick which communication and collaboration tools will go into your bouquet of intranet features. Powell 365 provides a range of functions to choose from. We implement SharePoint, Yammer, Delve, Office Video, Power BI, Dynamics CRM Online, Skype Online, Groups and Planner as well as external connectors like Facebook at Work. Mix and match the tools your employees will inevitably fall in love with!

#2 Roses are red, violets are blue – and your intranet can be too!

Powell 365 reinforces the alchemy between your intranet and your collaborators and helps maintain your company identity. Design can directly influence an employee’s commitment to and adoption of the intranet. Most ready-to-use intranet solutions will limit an enterprise in the design process. With Powell 365. there are no limitations. Everything is customizable. We give our customer the option is design their own layouts, select color charts, arrange their architecture and even configure their own feature widgets.

#3 Powell Manager, the Cupid of intranet design

As soon as your IT team gets a look at the Powell Manager, they will instantaneously be infatuated with this WYSWYG designer. It will be as it they were struck by cupid’s arrow. Powell Manager is the most versatile intranet designer and management tool currently on the market and is behind every Powell 365 intranet portal. No one is immune to its power. With Powell Manager, go beyond an intranet-in-a-box and create your own Online, On-Prem or Hybrid solution in just a few clicks.

#4 A deployment in harmony

With Powell Manager, making your intranet is like making a baby: Everything can be done quickly and simply. You can now conceive an attractive and personalized digital workplace, in record time, without any coding. In as little as 2 to 4 weeks, develop a complete and compelling corporate intranet for your employees. Plus, the Powell 365 team will always be there for you, providing insight, guidance and support during the entire implementation process. We also have a strong network of international partners by our side, who can help answer your any need.

#5 A leading-edge technology

Powell 365 is a solution which offers you simplicity and ergonomics. The solution evolves over time to provide an unparalleled end user experience for your employees. It will help you to update regularly your intranet, which will improve the user experience. Your digital workplace will continue to grow with your company and your employee needs. At any moment, you can update, change or add a new feature or design. It’s simple. Give them the tools they need to get the job done this Valentine’s day.

Contact us today and get our free hands-on demo! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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