Webinar: Enhance your Office 365 intranet with Powell 365

by Esther Daga


So you want to make your intranet easier to adopt and create a more engaging experience for your employees. The key is to make it alluring and powerful! During this month’s webinar, the Powell 365 team will discuss a few Office 365 intranet best practices to provide a user-friendly digital workplace for your employees. Let us help you create an Office 365 intranet that your employees are drawn to. Discover Powell 365 intranet solutions today and learn how an intranet can reinvent collaboration & communication within your team!


Powell 365 is a flexible and intuitive intranet with a fully responsive design. Don’t start from scratch. Take advantage of your Office 365 suite and optimize all its great communication and collaboration tools. Powell 365 unifies all Office 365 features: SharePoint, Yammer, Delve, Office 365 Video, Power BI, Dynamics CRM Online, Skype Online, Groups, Planner, and more. We also incorporate other connectors, main external solutions like Facebook or Box and several other capabilities you may need. On average, our customers see Office 365 employee usage jump to 90%! With Powell 365, your employees will become more engaged, more motivated and stay informed on the latest campaigns, initiatives, KPIs and more.


Learn how Powell 365 helps accelerate the digital transformation of any enterprise by enriching internal communication and productivity with all the functional components of Office 365 in the webinar recap video. You will get an inclusive demo of Powell 365 where you will have a first-hand look at the different solution scenarios possible with Powell 365 and the Powell Manager designer. By the end you will fully understand how to extend the value of an Office 365 intranet with Powell 365.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!


– How to drive the adoption of your Office 365 suite
– How to effectively share corporate information across the entire company
– How to use enterprise social widgets like Yammer to increase employee interaction and satisfaction
– How to make your intranet portal attractive and inviting for all employees

Don’t worry! The Powell 365 team always keeps you in mind. You can watch and re-watch the webinar webcast video NOW! Discover the most efficient way to support your employees.



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